How to write an essay.

Some people think that writing an essay is as straightforward as sitting down at their computer and typing. However, successfully writing an essay necessitates a great deal more planning.



If you’ve never written an essay before, or if you’re having trouble with writing and want to improve your skills, it’s a good idea to go over a few key steps in the essay writing process.

 Decide on an Essay Type.

In order to write an essay, you must first determine its purpose. You decide if it’s a narrative, expository, descriptive, or informative essay.

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 Topic Ideas

You can’t create an essay without a topic in mind. Brainstorming is how you come up with essay topics. During this time, you should just sit and think. Pick the best topic idea from your list and start writing your essay.

 Study the Topic

To write an excellent essay, you may need to perform some research once you brainstorm and choose your topic. Find out more about your topic at the library or online. Interview specialists in the field. Keep your research organized for quick reference.

 Select a Style of Writing

Your teacher or the topic of your paper will determine the writing style you use for your essay. In high school and college, you’ll likely encounter three different writing styles.

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Make a Thesis

Your thesis statement is your essay’s focus. It is basically one statement that summarizes the article. “humans are descendants of chimpanzees,” for example. This can then be used to write your entire essay, remembering that all points must lead back to this one core argument. Your thesis should normally be stated in your introduction.

Also, the thesis statement should be broad enough to cover the topic but not so broad that you lose focus. These thesis examples can help you write a clear thesis.

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