How To Wear A Bra For Good Health And Body Shape

Wrongful way of wearing bra, ladies must stop it

I will be sharing with you five common mistakes ladies out there need to stop making with their bra.


1. Do not be bent on looking for a push-up bra, all breast sizes should be celebrated while you try to look natural occasionally.

2. A lady needs to stop making the mistake of wearing a bra whose band size is too large and the cup size too small. Always get yourself measured, so you can fit nicely in your bra.

3. Stop washing your bra with strong detergent and soaps, they have a way of softening the elastic materials in your bra.

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4. Avoid having your bra band riding up your back. It is wrong for your band to be higher than the underwire.

5. While trying to save yourself from washing always, it is important you note that it is not advisable for you to wear your bra two days in a row.

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