How To Use Onion To Cure Diseases

Onion may help lower cholesterol levels, which are a risk factor for artery hardening. There’s some evidence that onions can help patients with asthma breathe easier.


1. Scarring

Most research suggests that applying onion extract to the skin for 10 weeks to 6 months, usually as a specific product containing heparin and allantoin (Contractubex), improves scar color and appearance, as well as pain and itching, in people who have scars from burns, tattoo removal, injuries, or surgical tissue removal. However, utilizing a specific treatment containing onion extract and allantoin for 4-11 weeks did not appear to improve the appearance of new surgical scars (Mederma, Merz Pharmaceuticals).

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2.Hair Loss(alopecia areata) 


Early research reveals that applying onion juice to the scalp for 8 weeks can help persons with hair loss due to alopecia areata grow more hair.



3. High Blood Pressure

According to preliminary research, taking a specific product containing onion, olive oil, grape skin extract, L-carnitine, vitamin E, vitamin C, lycopene, and folic acid daily for one week may lower systolic blood pressure (the top number) but not diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number) in people with high blood pressure.


4. Diabetes

According to preliminary studies, adding onion three times daily to a certain diet for eight weeks may lower blood sugar in diabetics.

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Other includes: asthma,cold, stomach upset, bronchitis, cough,fever,loss of appetite, swelling of the mouth and throat.


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