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The most beautiful moment of a woman’s life is when she sees pregnancy symptoms. Although pregnancy emotions are different for each. However, if two women are pregnant at the same time together, then the signs of both of them are not the same. But pregnancy symptoms are not released in the first week, but you may feel some symptoms. We will discuss the following about pregnancy symptoms.



Pregnancy symptoms are..


The pregnancy symptoms of a pregnant woman can be expressed in different ways. Example.



Mild bleeding is similar to the menstrual cycle. However, there is light bleeding for 6 to 12 days. Many people think that this is because of the period. But no, it’s pregnancy symptom. If the symptom occurs, check the pregnancy.


Black spots

Many times the black spots on the face or hands, legs are seen. It is one of the symptoms of pregnancy. Basically, it is called Molasa. During pregnancy, increased sensitivity of the skin and black marks on the face, hands and feet is seen.


Changes to taste of tongue

One of the most important changes in taste in pregnancy symptoms is the pregnancy symptoms. At this time, the taste of the tongue taste is noticed. Sometimes the smell of mouth is created. Because of pregnancy, the hormone changes suddenly in the body because these symptoms are released.


Excess fatigue

Among pregnancy symptoms, significant symptoms are extra fatigue. During this time, the body produces extra blood for the growing baby, which makes the body very tired easily. But the first week is more tired and later decreased.

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It is normal to have headache during pregnancy. Headaches may start in the first week of pregnancy. This problem arises due to sudden increase in hormonal levels in the body. This is one of the symptoms of pregnancy.


Problems leaving urine

The problem of urination is one of the pregnancy symptoms. Pregnancy symptoms during the body produce additional fluid substances. This time the kidneys are working twice the amount. This is due to frequent urination.


Distaste of foods

If you are new to pregnancy, then the food distaste is normal. The reason for, this is certainly not known. Because of this, it is believed to be a side effect of increasing the amount of estrogen. Apart from your favorite foods you will find it unbearable. This is one of the symptoms of pregnancy.


Change of mood

The change in mood of pregnancy symptoms is one of the most important. Mood change is normal in pregnancy. At this time the hormone changes, which flows neurotransmitters. But during this time a pregnant woman became more emotional.


Belly distends

Pregnancy in the early belly distend is normal. Signs of the same type of stomach-like symptoms that occur before the female period. This is one of the symptoms of pregnancy.


Delicacy and sensitivity

One of the most delicacy and sensitivity of pregnancy symptoms. A symptom of early pregnancy is delicacy and sensitivity. This problem is due to excessive growth of hormonal levels.



Women’s nausea arises from the start of the pregnancy. Some women have been nausea after 1 month. Nausea can occur at any time in the morning or afternoon or night. However, for most girls, nausea starts from the second month of pregnancy. However, most female pregnancies have disappeared from the third month of pregnancy. Pregnancy symptoms include almost every woman with nausea.

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Missed Period

Pregnancy symptoms are among the most important of the women’s period. If you have regular periods, but periods are not started as usual and if you do not see any of the above symptoms, you can decide to have a Pregnancy test. Also, if the time of the period is exceeded and If symptoms of nausea, delicacy, etc. occur, it is very emergency to test your pregnancy.


Unusual temperature of the body

If your body temperature grows at an abnormal rate or is higher than the normal level. If the body temperature is higher than normal for at least 18 days, then there is the possibility of pregnancy. Unusual growth of body temperature is one of the pregnancy symptoms.


Positive home pregnancy test

When you get pregnancy symptoms, then a pregnancy test is important. If test results are positive, then you are sure pregnancy. When you get positive results, meet the doctor.


Increase of breast

One of the pregnancy symptoms is the increase in the breast of the pregnant woman. About 100% of women increase in breast.


Increased of blood pressure

If girls are pregnant their blood pressure will increase. At this time the blood pressure of women has increased slightly more than usual. But it does not do any harm to it. However, in addition to blood pressure, their blood pressure increases abnormally.


Reduce sexual desire

A woman in the pregnancy has reduced the sexual desire . But after childbirth, her sexual desire increases.

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Back pain

Back pain can occur during pregnancy. It is one of the pregnancy symptoms. Women during pregnancy may have back pain.


Swelling of the body

Body swelling is one of the symptoms of pregnancy. During pregnancy, the body is swollen. It is due to the growth of the body’s hormone.


Feeling Sick

Among the pregnancy symptoms, one is sick. At this time the body may feel sick.


Increases discharge of vagina

Another pregnancy symptoms are increased vaginal discharge. At this time there is an excessive discharge that is much more than normal.


Period delay

If the period is delayed, then it will have to understand the symptoms of pregnancy. At this time,a pregnancy test will be done very fast.


H.G increase

H.G is a hormone. It increases during pregnancy. Usually it is detected through hormone laboratory testing.


Blood discharge

Occasionally blood disorders can occur during pregnancy. It can usually appear in 6-7 weeks.


Breathing weakness

During pregnancy, the demand for oxygen is increased in the body. As a result, the weakness of the breath is created to meet the additional demand.


Mood Swing

Hormonal changes during pregnancy are very fast. Due to the high levels of hormones, there are frequent changes in anger, sorrow, depression, joy etc. This type of mood swing continues. It is one of the pregnancy symptoms.



Science says that when women come to the pregnancy, women begin to dream more. She has been pregnant, she looks dream this sometimes. At this time, starting to see such an unusual dream is the time to have a pregnancy test.


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