How To Triple your Sales Online


Here are the steps you can use to triple your sales online if you are into network marketing.


So today, I’ll be teaching you how to hit your weekly and monthly targets if you sell physical products under network marketing.

In all honesty, network marketing can transform your life. I have seen it happen. Yet, so many people are struggling to actually hit their targets.


Well, to start with, you have been doing the wrong things.

In case you don’t realise it, but posting catalogue pictures and the other things you have been doing have not been helping.

By the end of this post, you’ll learn:

• how to gain trust and get paid before delivery


• how to sell more products and increase your income.

• how to gain more downliners

Okay, let’s begin.

I’m going to use some of the popular network marketing companies I have heard of and this will help you understand.



1. :

Whether you are using WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram, one of the easiest ways to pass the genuine check is to interact with people. Many of you make the mistake of spamming people who you’ve never interacted with catalogues and products of your offers etc. Liking their posts, commenting, engaging their posts helps a long way. The thing you don’t understand is that nobody gives a $H|T! about your products. They also hate that the only time you interact with them is when you are coming with your annoying “Would you like a business that will make you 20M , a trip to Dubai, free healthcare and all you have to do is brush your teeth and use some lotion?” But every picture you post looks like you urgently need 2k and you definitely don’t look like you have ever taken a trip outside your village. You need to package yourself! This is social media! If you want people to believe your products is authentic, you cannot keep doing what you have been doing in the past. Make posts where other clients have received their products, look like you are living the life that you are preaching about. You cannot be wearing cut-cut bathroom slippers and telling someone to buy designer slippers. Look like the brand you represent. Have social proof. Make it believable enough. Don’t tell obvious lies.



2. :

In order to increase sales, here are some things to do:

Instead of simply showing generic product pictures, take your own pictures. Here are some tips to have very believable pictures:

• Take pictures using proper sunlight or day light.

• Add human feel to the picture, by placing them on your thighs, arms or simply holding them

• Use clear backgrounds like white, yellow etc to complete red, green , blue products. If you don’t have backdrops, you can use clothes , carpets, tiled floors, grass etc.

Get on Tiktok, search product review: see what people selling similar products are doing. Make short 59 second videos, showing fun and easy ways to use the products. If you are camera shy, get someone else to do it. Stop posting the same content everyone in your team is posting.



3. :

You want to have people in your DMs begging to join your company. Here’s some ways to go about it:

• Like I said before: look the part -your appearance and the way you put yourself will make you either earn respect or lose respect. Understand your audience. Who’s your ideal downliner? What sort of people do they follow?


•You must paint a picture that’s relatable. These downliners must understand the good and ugly. So instead of trying to lure people in, make sure you tell them the not so fun part. I discovered that when I started adding side effects during my advertisement, my sales went up. I wasn’t just saying how wonderful the brand is, I was actually telling them the downsides. They felt I was honest and they bought from me.


As much as people love perfection, they also love to hear the negative aspects. If you make everything too good to be true, they will run away.


• Avoid making too many promises: stop acting like Nigerian politicians. When you make so many promises, people get excited and then get scared. They don’t think life can be that easy and so they are hesitant. I know this may feel wrong to you but trust me, this is reverse psychology. If you make people too happy, they get scared. Imagine, walking down the street and you meet a man proposing with money, cars etc. You automatically feel like he may be a ritualist and instinctively, japa! Don’t make your downliners feel the same way.


• Create fear of missing out: when you post pictures of social proofs + pictures of payments you have received from your company. Your prospective downliners may feel like “wow, this is amazing. I need to get on this”. They may look through your photos and feel like the social proofs of payments matches with your personality online and DM you.


• Make sure your posts have “Call to action”: now you have explained everything about your company, proven them to be true. To make your downliner further interested, you can offer them product samples or trial memberships, free seminars or webinars, invite them to meetings and get togethers. These helps create a warm welcome and get them to register under you.

You can use these methods if you sell El Blends, Longrich, Oriflame, Immeri, STC , TLC etc.


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