How To Treat Immune infertility

Immune infertility: description, diagnosis and treatment

In approximately 10 instances out of 100, the cause for non-pregnancy in a married couple is immunological infertility. It is able to be male and female, and in girls, this type of infertility happens times as often as in guys.


What is called immunological infertility?


Immunological infertility refers to the impossibility of pregnancy in a couple due to damage to male sperm by means of manner of anti-sperm antibodies, which are abbreviated as ASAT (proteins that may be produced with the aid of the immune machine of some people).


ACAT may be formed in the blood of women. This turns into the motive for the immobilization of sperm when they enter the cervical canal, due to which being pregnant cannot arise. If ACAT is formed in guys (blood, ejaculate), then this effects in a decrease in the mobility of male germ cells and a violation of spermatogenesis.

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The immunological element of infertility in girls can rise up inside the following times:

The presence of continual illnesses of the genital organs with the route of inflammatory tactics;

Because of infectious illnesses received all through sexual intercourse;

With genital endometriosis;

Nice varieties of allergic reactions.


Guys can get an immunological issue of infertility because of:

Anatomical issues (varicocele, cryptorchidism, inguinal hernia, obstruction of the vas deferens, agenesis of the vas deferens, and testicular torsion);

Accidents to the pelvic organs (scrotum) or after present system surgical operation on them;

Sicknesses which can be carried inside the course of unprotected intercourse;

Chronic illnesses within the form of orchitis, epididymitis, and prostatitis, happening with inflammatory strategies.

In guys, immunological infertility can be of sorts. Within the first case, sperm cells are certainly or in part immobilized through sperm-immobilizing antibodies. Inside the 2nd case, the sperm are glued collectively via epithelial cells or mucus into clumps with sperm-agglutinating antibodies.

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Diagnostics of immunological infertility

Medical center “Andrology” gives diagnostics of illnesses of the reproductive structures of women and men. Diagnosis of immunological infertility occurs in numerous ranges, relying at the gender of the affected person:


Men do a application and donate blood to determine the presence of ASAT. Infertility is recognized if more than half of the motile sperm are covered with antibodies;

For ladies, an assessment of the mucus contained within the cervical canal is important, further to an exam to set up the sexual compatibility of partners by way of the postcoital test or Shuvarovsky’s take a look at. Using the MAR take a look at, it’s miles determined how many of the spermatozoa is blanketed with ACAT. If more than half of, the prognosis is confirmed.


Diagnostics is also completed through the approach:

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Penetration check to decide the penetrating potential of male germ cells;

Pass-penetration check to verify the Kurzrock-Miller take a look at.


For examinations, a observe of the donor sperm and the semen of the partner may be required.



For the treatment of male infertility, guys are prescribed ICSI-MAQS, that’s a microscopic evaluation of the first-rate of the sperm to be injected into the cytoplasm of the egg. An possibility is the PICSI generation, which injects a physiologically higher sperm into the egg.


In girls, infertility treatment is achieved using conservative techniques:

If female immunological infertility does not lend itself to conservative remedy, then IVF is resorted to. Artwork is the only way to conceive a infant whilst both companions have an immunological thing of infertility. It’s miles not possible to cope with the trouble with distinct techniques of remedy, which consist of self-treatment.



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