How To Transform Your Home Into An Eco Friendly One In Ghana

Our inventions significantly impact the ecology and ecosystem when global warming and climate change are pressing challenges. Eco friendly and sustainable development measures must be implemented to save our future.


The reality is that we are all aware of the environment and its catastrophic consequences on lifeforms. However, the efforts to reduce climate impact are unquestionably insignificant.

Yes, we have reduced our use of plastic and carry biodegradable shopping bags, but what do we put inside them, food covered in plastic? Yes, we’ve started planting trees, gardening at home, and returning green to the environment, but have we stopped cutting down trees? These are some common prevalent examples of deceptive human behaviour. Little initiatives toward environmental stewardship will undoubtedly bear fruit over time.


So, here’s what we can do. Reduce the size of your arena and start converting your home into an eco-home. An eco-friendly home has diverse meanings of it. You can build a house with environmentally-friendly materials or go eco with what you have by replacing existing furniture with eco-friendly ones.


The panel station has compiled a list of schematic strategies for making your home eco-friendly.


Go Eco With Energy For Your Eco Friendly Home:

Yes, it is true that when we think of saving the earth, renewable energy sources are the best possible approach one can implement to initiate their eco-home journey. Eco-energy doesn’t always mean hassling to install a big fan or build a hydropower generator. But there are multiple ways to bring green to your home.


Smart metres can be programmed to turn on just at specific day periods. They’re a godsend for everyone worried about their carbon impact and those concerned about growing energy costs.

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Solar panel installation will bring a positive impact on saving the planet. Solar Energy is a never-ending power resource, and it isn’t going away soon.

Energy-efficient product purchase is a natural solution for the betterment of the environment. Also, being accustomed to the natural light in the daytime will add an environmental touch to your eco-friendly home.

Saving Energy or stopping unnecessary electricity usage will be a blessing for the earth’s life. So, implement a ‘switch off’ strategy in every corner of your home and build a habit for your family.

Less usage of electric appliances will save your bill and Energy. Coffee maker to a mixer, washing machine to a refrigerator, drier to light – use as less as you can.



Make Your Kitchen Green:

Oh! Did you think about the total renovation of your kitchen into green? Well, not a bad idea at all, but we’re not leading you that way. Making a green kitchen means initiating eco-friendly practices in the kitchen. How will you do it? Let us guide you.


Take care of your garbage and segregate them properly. Separate plastic and other non-biodegradable waste also put recyclable material in different places. For biodegradable food waste, segregate them in composting pit. If you don’t know how to compost, donate them to people who do compost.

No or minimal food waste rule will bind your family into disciplined food habits where food waste is a no option. Portion size control will help you regulate the amount of food you are cooking daily.

Leftover recipes will save your food from entering the waste bin if any food is left in your refrigerator. If you don’t tell your family, they will never know.

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Bio-degradable items are a treasure to your kitchen. But not all products from the supermarket come with smart packaging. So, while purchasing food for your kitchen, make your choice wise & intelligent. Focus on packaging, whether it is bio-degradable or not. Better to avoid packaged food and buy non-packaged items more.

Replace plastics with jute bags, glass containers, and stainless-steel materials. A complete redo of your kitchen will levitate the look and help you go eco-friendly.



Saving Water Is Important:

Water is running away, and we must catch it before it’s too late. 97.5% of the world’s water is too salty to be useful to humans, and the majority of 2.5 is trapped in ice caps. As a result, we humans rely on the small amount of available freshwater – an essential natural resource for existence.


However, our relationship with water is not limited to drinking. We use water for washing, cleaning, cooking, crop production, and for uncountable reasons. That leads to the scarcity of fresh water. Also, water pollution has become a major challenge as it limits our boundaries of accessing fresh water. Start saving water from your home and make it eco-friendly.


Turn off taps & fix the leakage as soon as you find it dripping. Every drop of water is mandatory to save water for future generations.

Less water usage will promote awareness in your family and make them feel about the importance of water.

A dishwasher is a friendly option to avoid water wastage. In one go and with less water, your utensils will become clean.

Washing clothes should be smart with one–time use of a washing machine. Less water and less Energy – a win-win situation.

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Catch rainwater for other household purposes like cleaning, toilet, etc. rainwater harvesting is an excellent alternative for fresh water.



Decoration of Your Eco Friendly Home:

A home is where you breathe, create memories, and spend the rest of your life. So, when you’re ready to give it an environmental makeover, the interior must speak for itself. So, the following ideas will help you go out of the box and do something unique yet eco-friendly with your home.


Recycle your old furniture and transform it into a unique piece of art of your imagination. Explore some videos to get the idea of how to recycle your old furniture and make an eco-friendly home.

Purchase from the local store will boost the economy of your country and also will reduce the carbon footprint. So, go local for environmental benefits.

Investing in handcrafted will encourage local craftsmen and will beautify your home more. A wide range of art & craft is in an endangered state. Our little effort will not only save the art from extinction but also save the earth.

Re decorates home with innovative ideas to go eco-friendly. Your home must blend with nature while you put your thoughts into redesigning. With DIY’s best practices, anyone can give an earthy & eco-friendly touch to their interior with creative recycled pieces of décors.

Bring outside inside to make you closer to nature. In the house, plants are one of the favourite choices of eco homeowners. Add indoor plants to your design list and make it greener.

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