How To Take Care Of Yourself After Abortion

Many young ladies and women out there are scared of the outcome from abortion. Most women and their Male partners have doubtful thoughts about abortion.

Either for religious or psychological reasons, some communities see abortion as a taboo irrespective of what the reasons for the act might be.


Some countries however have seen the need to legally approve the removal of unwanted pregnancy. Cases of pregnancy resulting from rape, incest, or pregnancies that are life threatening (e.g. ectopic pregnancy) can be removed.



Abortion is described as the untimely, deliberate termination of a pregnancy.


After a thorough research, we have compiled a list of things you should consider or do before you agree to abort a pregnancy. Please note that reasons stated below are health wise and do not interfere with religious beliefs but rather psychological sentiments.



Our aim is to clear doubts and erase fear in those who want to take abortion. Instructions below highlights health tips such as access to safe, timely, affordable and respectful abortion.


The chances of dying during child labor are numerous times higher than death rates recorded from attempted abortions.


We have taken the physical, mental and social well-being of women and girls to the top of our To-do list. Below are things to consider before taking abortion m and what you should do after the operation is completed:

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Be sure

Abortion is a deliberate decision, there’s need to be sure and aware of its fate. Though there’s nothing to be scared of. You can discuss with a qualified doctor, health therapist, or your partner on how to go about it.


A lot of people have different superstitious and psychological sentiments about abortion that are not true. Abortion does affect fertility or future pregnancies, neither does it increase chances of sexual transmitted diseases or infections. But, it’s an operation that requires deliberate decisions, no persuasions or forces are required to take the act.


Consider the duration of the pregnancy 

Gestation period for humans is 40 weeks, this duration from fertilization to child delivery is divided into three stages called trimesters.


The recommended period a pregnancy can stay before termination is during the first trimester (0-13weeks) from the time of fertilization. Late abortions in the second trimester (14-26 weeks) may be successfully but sometimes complications may occur.


Ensure to meet a qualified Doctor 

Once you contact a qualified medical doctor or health personnel, there’s no fear or serious risk involved with abortion. Unlike the stories you must have heard about abortion. It’s a safe operation


Choosing your method of abortion 

There are basically two different types of abortion: the use of drugs, and abortion by means of surgical operation.

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The previous method involves the intake of drugs prescribed by your doctor (e.g. mifepristone) which washes or sheds down the lining of the uterus or womb.


The growing fetus or embryo comes out through the vaginal opening. Bleeding and pain may occur during and after the procedure.


While in surgical methods of abortion, an operation that takes place for a maximum of 2 hours. Anesthetics and other drugs are used during and after the process to even safety. You don’t have to be nervous, the operation is done when you are unconscious.

By this means a successful abortion is accomplished.


You can discuss with your doctor which type of abortion is suitable for you. Chases of late term abortions however recommends abortion by means of surgical operation.


Take some drugs

Occurrences of risk complications during or after abortion are sincere facts. Few complications seemed to be norm irrespective of the method of abortion you choose. e.g. cramps and bleeding.


Feel free to talk to your doctor about any side effects from drugs, or little issues you may encounter. There are drugs which your doctor will prescribe to solve your problems.


Endeavour to keep a good vaginal health 

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Change sanitary pads frequently and ensure regular bath or washing down of the vagina. You can also use clean dried towels and vaginal coconut oil to keep the vagina happy.


Go for medical check up

If you choose medical abortion, you may need to visit your doctor again for an operation to remove the remaining parts of the pregnancy which cannot be removed by drugs.


Although, like the ordinary times, medical check ups are recommended for women who have undergone abortion. Do this to stop side effects like prolonged bleeding, pain, continuous vaginal discharge or to check for cases sexual transmitted infections.


Eat a balance diet 

It is advisable to eat nutritious meals after abortion, blood loss during surgical abortion may render you anemic, you can buy a blood tonic or eat fresh fruits and vegetables, yoghurts, fishes, sea foods, and nuts to boost your blood count, the body’s ability to fighting infections, and also to build or regulate other body processes.


Avoid multiple abortions 

The use of condoms and/or contraceptives to preventing pregnancy or sexual transmitted infections is a better choice than facing the stress (though little) from abortion.


Multiple abortions (4 times above) may increase risk of sexual health complications in some women.


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