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How To Take A Successful Decision


In the darkest days of my life or should I say the most trying days of my life, I remember walking home from the place where I went to:


it was quite a distance that only men on military training would trek it. I had no money for transport, nor did I have any for food. As the traffic breezed past me I walked on in dejection, confused. I felt abandoned by the same world I was born into and once celebrated.

Almost like a whisper, I heard those mind -bogging words, which “put fire” to my confused heart.

“The elites start life in obscurity”. At first, I was not sure but it kept reechoing in my subconscious mind. Could it be God speaking to me? Well, all knew was that I have decided to follow Jesus for who He is, not what I can get from Him and no apologies to the world or Satan. But only time was going to tell me that actually those who are going to be the elites in Gods hand must start life in obscurity.


Like Robert Shuller says in one of his works “failing does not mean you are a failure, it only means you have not yet succeeded. Try again”.


Decision is the Key


Jensen puts it this way “The man who eventually wins may have be encounter out severally but he did not hear the referee”. “Once there is a will, God provides a way” said a servant of God.

Moses told the Israelites “We have dwelt in this mountain for so long ”You may have been there for too long, what are you doing there? Decide today and move forward! One area of our life which God may not interfere with is our power of choice and decision.

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God cannot force any man to make any choice o flife but he is committed to helping you fulfill the decisions that are in accordance with His will for your life.


The decisions you take and choices you make now will form the pillar that will hold your tomorrow- destiny.

The great/or influential lawyers, Bishops, Medical Doctors, Engineers and pastors, you see today did not start now! It was a decision taken some years k in primary, secondary and then tertiary education.

It is not the big barrel with push down a house starts from little droplets. The emendation that will carry whatever kind of life 4 lot of dreams have been destroyed because I doing choices made.

A friend of mine who made a choice to follow Jesus (from Islamic background) was rejected to die in the village. He was seen as a madman. was not only farming for people just to eat; he was also harvesting palm its by climbing tall palm trees for just a peanut.

One fateful day, he fell horn a very tall one.

According to him afterwards, “what marveled me was that, I knew when I mistakenly cut my supporting rope, how I was falling under slow motion, but how I landed with my knee instead of head was a surprise. I could not also remember sustaining any injury”. After that experience, he left the village without knowing where he was going. He found himself in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State; he miraculously got admission to study in the University of Uyo. It was after his final exams that He communicated with one of his surviving brothers. He left home, a palm fruit harvester and went back a graduate. Is God not faithful and wonderful? Is He not God of all flesh? Is there any thing impossible for Him to do? It may be tough but Jesus is worthy!

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I would never forget the day I met with the greatest surprise of my life. I had received a phone call from a friend. We knew each other back home in the village. I recognized his voice but what I did not understand was the “Barrister” attached to his name while introducing himself at the end.


This brother was sent to Cameroon to stay with one bad man because of hardship and a broken family. His poor mother could not afford sending him to school. He was brought home years later like an insane man. One day he chose Jesus as his lord and savior.


Somehow he got admission into one of

Nigeria’s best Universities to study law. We then lost contact for some years. Later He got my phone number, called me and introduced himself as a Barrister. Jesus had turned a rejected boy to a Barrister.


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A good number of leaders today are those who had be encounter off several times but they refused to hear the referee. They had decided to cast their hope on Him who holds the key of heaven and hell, in whose hands are life and death.

Listen, if you look at a miserable old person living in the most miserable corner of the miserable street which you may feel miserable to identify with his miserable life; check well it may not be too far from the miserable decisions he took from his youth. In the same way as you look at a cute person living the cutest life with a cute family, in a cute city; check well it may not be too far from the cute decisions he took when he was young.

If you will decide to seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, all other things would be added to you. I am most glad that Jesus resurrected from the lead, and all the powers in heaven and earth was given to Him. Who or what and or say no.


If Jesus says “yes” No one! Nothing! today to experience a turn around. He is waiting for you at decision. Choose life to live here as well as in the world to think of what you are passing though now, the darkest hour of day break. The crises in your life are sure signs that you will succeed .

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