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How To Stay Out Of Anger


Asalam alaekum! It is human nature to get frustrated at times. When that happens, the best thing to do is to take a step back from whatever situation you’re in, confide in the Almighty and give Him complete control !.


Anger if not guarded can possess, consume, and ultimately destroy a person. How often have we seen or heard of someone who ruined his life because of a rash act or statement made a fit of rage? So be careful before you unleash words or actions which may cause deep regret.

When your heart’s heavy and your mind’s anxious,turn to the Almighty’s limitless Mercy.No matter what you are facing. He’s there for you.

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Pls, as part of admonitions, Don’t waste your time worrying,especially about things beyond your control. Don’t let worry take away your joy.Instead,use that same energy to thank the Almighty for all that you have. Thank Him for being in control.


Oh my Lord! Make me not a burden on any one,do not compel me ask for my needs from any one, do not make me dependent on any one .Oh Allah ! Whom every voice cries,to Whom everything is attached.Who is Unique,the only One ,Absolute Who has no associate nor beget any son! Guide my hand from wrongfulness to righteousness, and deliver me from every distress and plot.

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Be a positive influence to people you meet. Tell your loved ones you love them. Forgive those who hurt you. It’s easier on your heart.


Almighty, I bring my burden to you because I can’t make it on my own. Give me strength, comfort me, heal my heart and help me carry on.

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