How To Stay Healthy With Chewing Gum

We have all chewed gum at least once in a lifetime.

Maybe it was during that time in school when you were mining for an IA or maybe after enjoying an afternoon Kenkey with grilled tilapia and onions.

In whatever instances, most individuals prefer to keep a pack of mint gums in their side pocket.

Although chewing gum has its own disadvantages, there are some health benefits attached to it.

Thankfully, we got some of them here just for you.

Here are 6 healthy benefits of chewing gum you probably didn’t know:


1. Gum Eases Acid Reflux

Heartburn? Nope, probably acid reflux. Acid reflux is when acid in the stomach moves up your gullet. With the aid of saliva which is an alkaline that neutralizes acid, chewing gum reduces acid reflux by clearing your food pipe.

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2. Helps Fight Nausea

People who are prone to motion or morning sickness can find relief from chewing herbal gum. Ginger or mint-flavored gums are the best options. They aid in saliva production which leads to the digestion of whatever nauseous food is ingested.


3. Control Appetite

Sweet snack cravings are one of the main ways people get surprised with extra calories and weight. You don’t notice it creep on you. A pack of chewing gum can help with that. Taking gum instead of fried chips as a snack can help curb your nibble cravings.


4. Prevents Dry Mouth

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Dry mouth is a leading contributor to halitosis. It makes your mouth an easy breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria. By chewing gum, the glands produce saliva which is needed in killing bacteria.


5. Prevents Cavities.

You want sugar-free chewing here. It is one of the most effective ways of preventing tooth decay.

It can also keep gingivitis at bay and also freshens breath since the gum does not feed plaque-causing bacteria.


6. Eases Ear Blockage

Getting water in your ears after a bath or from a swim can be irritating. But here is a sure remedy for that. It is simply chewing gum. Chewing gum helps clear the sinus cavities and pushes the clogged liquid farther out.

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It also brings relief by bringing in air pressure into the ear with outside pressure with every repeat of the chewing acting.

This relieves ear pressure, pain as well as ear blockage. So instead of tilting your head for the liquid to seep out, it is advisable to chew gum.

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