How To Start Reselling Business In Ghana

Identify The Type Of Business You Are Starting

Once you have identified the type of business you are starting, the next step is to conduct research about your intended market. Ghana has a population of over 130 million people and there are thousands of local businesses that can be sold or sold through reselling.

The most popular types of businesses in Ghana include the following:


o Food and Beverage (F&B)


o Auto Parts and Accessories


o Hair-care Products


o Mobile Phones and Tablets


Choose A Local Or Foreign Brands

Next, you will have to decide whether you are going to sell a local or foreign brand. This decision also depends on your location and the market in which you operate. A brand is considered local when it has presence in Ghana and sells products that can only be found locally. For example, if there is a company that sells series of cosmetics catering to a specific gender group and they only operate in Ghana then those are local brands because they don’t have presence outside the country. Foreign brands are those that can be found anywhere within the world; such as Nike sneakers or Apple iPhones.

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When choosing between these two types of brands, it’s important firstly that you know how much capital investment is required for each type of business model (i.e., importing/exporting).


Acquire And Sell To Clients On WhatsApp

Use WhatsApp to advertise your products;

You can use WhatsApp to advertise your products. You can create a group and invite the people who are interested in buying the product. They will ask for more details about the product, for example, how much is it and when will it be delivered?


Use WhatsApp to communicate with your customers

You should always communicate with your customers using WhatsApp because it is an easy way of exchanging information between you and them. When you send them messages on WhatsApp, they will receive it immediately without waiting for hours or days before they get their message from you.

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Send delivery updates on WhatsApp

When you have sold a particular item of clothing to someone who lives far away from where you live then it is important that they know exactly when they will receive their package so that no one feels cheated or frustrated by what happened after purchasing something online. This means that instead of sending emails which may take some time before getting replied by customers since most Ghanaians do not read/write English as fluently as other languages like French etc., sending messages through this platform offers better customer service than any other social media platform available today including Facebook Messenger which was created just recently but still has many issues with reliability due to poor internet connectivity across Ghana’s major cities such as Accra State capital city where most Ghanaians reside!.

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There are various platforms you can use to advertise your business in Ghana.

Such as;

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and google plus are some of the popular social media platforms that you can use to promote your business. You can also create a website for your business or use email marketing to interact with customers and build loyalty among them.

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