This article will be explaining on how to shutdown your computer using command prompt (cmd) by typing a single line of code.

This method is simply what I use to shutdown my laptop and it’s amazing.

There are different methods of shutting down a computer tho, using command prompt (cmd) is one of them.

Step by step guide to shutdown computer using command prompt (cmd) ;

Step 1 : Open Command Prompt (Cmd)

To locate the command prompt on your system do the following;


1. Open the Start Menu


2. Type Command Prompt in the Search Bar

3. Right Click on Command Prompt

It should be listed under Programs

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4. Select Run as administrator

If you get a pop up click Yes

Now your should be in a dark environment with something like this C:\Windows\System32>


Step 2: Type Command

1. Type this command shutdown/s

2. Press Enter

You will get a pop up “You are about to be sign out ” it says Windows will shutdown in less than a minute

That’s the simple way to shutdown your computer using command prompt (cmd) .

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