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This article will be explaining on how to shutdown your computer using command prompt (cmd) by typing a single line of code.

This method is simply what I use to shutdown my laptop and it’s amazing.

There are different methods of shutting down a computer tho, using command prompt (cmd) is one of them.

Step by step guide to shutdown computer using command prompt (cmd) ;

Step 1 : Open Command Prompt (Cmd)

To locate the command prompt on your system do the following;


1. Open the Start Menu


2. Type Command Prompt in the Search Bar

3. Right Click on Command Prompt

It should be listed under Programs

4. Select Run as administrator

If you get a pop up click Yes

Now your should be in a dark environment with something like this C:\Windows\System32>


Step 2: Type Command

1. Type this command shutdown/s

2. Press Enter

You will get a pop up “You are about to be sign out ” it says Windows will shutdown in less than a minute

That’s the simple way to shutdown your computer using command prompt (cmd) .

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