How To Sell/Swap Your Car With Toyota In Ghana

At some point, as a car owner, you may want to either sell the car for cash or trade it in for a different one.

The decision can be influenced by recurring automotive problems, high fuel consumption, and your desire for prestige with an upgraded model, among other reasons.


If you decide to sell your car, what medium will you employ? The tried-and-true “word-of-mouth” strategy, through a middleman, a costly print ad, or via social media? Selling your used car on your own is associated with challenges such as delays in finding a buyer, expensive ads, inability to obtain the appropriate resale value, etc.


Toyota Ghana’s ‘Bring Your Toyota for Cash’ strategy under the Automark program, provides a more convenient, secure, and hassle-free car sale transaction for the convenience of our valued customers.

Our team of experts will assist you in determining the best alternative for your car and provide you with precise market data so that you can obtain the highest possible price for your Toyota car.



The benefits you will derive if you sell your used car to Toyota Ghana include the following:



Convenience of Sale

The selling process is easy. Simply walk into any Toyota Ghana branch with the appropriate documentation for your car, and our team of professionals will check it, negotiate its price, and complete the transaction.


Prompt payment and assurance of safety

At Toyota Ghana, we assure you of timely and secured payment when you sell your car to us. Our payment system guarantees that you will be paid on time and in full.


Trade-In Options

With our trade-in option, you have the additional benefit of topping up the value of your old car for a new car at a heavily discounted price. We offer a wide range of Toyota cars that are designed to meet your specific needs and budget.

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Now the big question is who is eligible for this. We have the most accommodating criterion to make it easy for our customers. These are as follows:


1. Your car must have been initially procured from Toyota Ghana – If your car was originally procured from Toyota Ghana, you are eligible to receive a one-time payment or trade it in for a new car.


2. No model restrictions – We do not impose any restrictions on the models we accept, so feel free to bring in any Toyota model.


3. There are no mileage restrictions, so there is no need to worry. We will purchase your car regardless of its mileage.

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4. No age limit – Age is simply a number. The age of your car is irrelevant to us. We will purchase it from you if it is in good functioning condition.


Let us handle the process of procuring your old car while you drive away in the new Toyota of your dreams.


However, if you do not have a Toyota to sell, don’t worry! On our website,, you will find a vast range of certified pre-owned Toyota cars for sale.

Why stress out when you can sell your car to us and enjoy all of the benefits? Call or WhatsApp us on 0552761616 or 0552760924 for additional information.


Toyota, Superior Quality.


The writer is a Public Relations practitioner at Toyota Ghana Company Limited.


Suzy Ansah, APR, ACIM


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