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How To Prevent Mouth Odour

Oral Medicine Consultant, Dr. Otakhoigbogie Uwaila, has urged Nigerians to properly brush their tongue, noting that it should be a regular part of daily oral care.


The dental care expert noted that an unclean tongue is often a major cause of mouth odour and not poorly brushed teeth.

According to the dental Uwaila, the majority of the bad breath people suffer from comes from not brushing the tongue.


Also, Uwaila noted that nighttime brushing of the teeth is the most important, stressing that people should embrace brushing their mouth before going to bed.

Speaking on “Health”, Uwaila, who is a consultant with the University of Nigeria Teaching Hospital, Enugu said, “Majority of the bad breath that people have doesn’t really come from the teeth as it were, it comes from the tongue.

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“The posterior aspect of the tongue is like a towel that you use to dry yourself when you take your bath. Those areas harbour a lot of microorganisms.

“Some people brushing their mouth don’t remember to brush their tongue and because of that, those microorganisms release these gases and these gases come out as bad breath so once you brush your teeth always make sure that you brush your tongue.


Continuing he said, “You do that twice a day usually the last thing before you go to bed and you must know why you do that before you go to bed,” he said.

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Uwaila explained that “During the night, the saliva flow and production is slow. The microorganisms have time to do their damage but once you have reduced the load of microorganisms, they are few to even do anything over the night.

“In the morning when you wake up and your saliva flow returns to normal, you’d feel your breath will be fresh because the saliva has a cleaning effect.”

He pointed out that many people do not practise good hygiene noting that ideally, a person is expected to visit the dentist twice a year.

Uwaila also urged Nigerians to include flossing in their dental regimen, noting that brushing the teeth does not efficiently remove all the food particles.

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“Even if you brush you cannot be so efficient at your brushing. At some point, there are some things you could skip.

“Some people don’t even know that they are supposed to floss. They don’t even know what that means. Brushing only just removes the problems on the surface of the teeth but in between the teeth, it is flossing that does that, not even brushing,” he said


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