How To Optimize LinkedIn Digital Marketing

Most people might know LinkedIn is an online CV or Curriculum Vitae only. In fact, it is more than that and you can utilize it for business or personal use. This platform has more than half a billion users and is becoming one of the largest professional social networking sites. It is important to optimize LinkedIn digital marketing.



Tips To Optimize LinkedIn


Nowadays, LinkedIn has many features that are very useful to grow your business or personal matters. It helps you a lot to gain relationships and connections around the world. If you want to increase your career and business, being active on LinkedIn is really worth it.


Below are the tips that may you apply in term of optimizing digital marketing in LinkedIn, those are:



Optimize Personal Profile

Use LinkedIn platform to build your profile and optimize it with relevant keywords. So, it attracts the traffic and leads to your personal or business profile. Be honest and real and don’t over-optimize the keywords. You just need to place relevant keywords in summary, headline, and description as well in a good way.


If you want your LinkedIn profile for personal matters to be more professional and trustworthy, then don’t include a business logo. The people visit your profile to examine and review you instead of the company. So, just ensure to complete and fill all the provided fields into your profile.


Publish Content

LinkedIn features are likely as social media. You can post status or something necessary to improve your professional or personal profile. When you complete and optimize the profile then it is the time for you to share as much content as you can.

In this digital era, content marketing is such a crucial thing on all social networks or media, including LinkedIn which is no exception for that. If you want to use this platform for marketing strategy, you can publish habits or relevant content to your profile.


If you only focus on promoting yourself or business, nobody will hear you. It is because most people on LinkedIn might have a different mindset than other social media. In this platform, people mostly like new knowledge, habits, and something else for their new insight.


You can share valuable and actionable content such as statistics and how to get insight from a story. By posting useful content will help you to get more engagement and reach more audiences on LinkedIn. However, you need to use various post types that are provided by LinkedIn such as articles, images, and videos.


Don’t forget one of the most important things regarding content marketing in LinkedIn, post it consistently. Proven that businesses that post frequently on LinkedIn are able to gain more followers as their engagement becomes higher.


LinkedIn Ads

You might need this feature to increase brand awareness and lead the generation. The user can start to create and customize a campaign to build brand and drive website traffic. However, you need to pay more money to use LinkedIn Ads as your one of strategy marketing on this platform.


LinkedIn Page

Creating LinkedIn Pages is free for all users. It helps you to post content specifically and grow your brand awareness. This feature is able to provide opportunities for prospects to learn more about your personal profile or company.

If you are a company, get many of your employees to encourage them so they can complete the profile. It includes relevant job history, their professional connections, and appropriate photos.


Besides, you must be consistent to put style, colors, content, and imagery on your page with your other website or social networks. It is better to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of digital marketing.


Upload a cover image that can present your brand with high-resolution. Then, don’t forget to fill out the “About us” area so many people can find more information about you. With this LinkedIn page optimization, it helps your company to be more visible among other users.


You can link that page to the website to help improve your web ranking on search engines. Use incorporating keywords and phrases that give prospects for users when they search your service or product.


LinkedIn Community Features

Beside helping you to create a professional profile for personal and company, this platform offers you several community features also. So, you can communicate and collaborate with other users. Being active in discussions for several groups might help you to grow the circle of influence.


By optimizing the LinkedIn groups feature, it helps you to stay in touch with other users that might have the same mindset and ideas similar to you. You can create or join your own group community and focus on the area of your expertise.


LinkedIn digital marketing is such a new thing maybe for some people. However, optimizing its features help a lot to get more connection and relation.


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