How To Migrate To Canada As A Nurse

Canada is the second-largest country globally, with over a thousand hospitals. Although having several hospitals in the country might sound great, Canada is also suffering from shortages of nurses and is now in demand for the job.


Nurses Immigration to Canada

The shortage of qualified healthcare professionals in Canada continues. The Canadian Nurses Association says that country needs more than 12,000 nurses right now to meet demand.



That is why the country is inviting qualified nurses from all over the world to immigrate to Canada on work permits. They offer immediate immigration for nurses who have experience and good recommendations and those who have passed the Canadian nursing licensing examination.


When you want to immigrate to Canada as a nurse, you must meet specific criteria. There are several categories and a necessity for certain levels of education or work experience. Here’s how to get started:



Step 1: Get Accepted

The first step in becoming a nurse in Canada is to get accepted into one of the types of health care programs that Canada offers.

The nurses must have five years of full-time work experience in the field before immigrating and must usually earn 200,000 Canadian dollars per year (US$ 164,000). There is no minimum experience required to qualify as a nurse.


Step 2: Qualification Certificate

In the second step to immigrate, you need to get a qualification certificate from the National Association of Provincial Health Officers.

This certification is only available in Canada and provides an excellent way to prove your qualifications as a nurse.

You could also add this certification to your application for permanent Canadian residence. There may be other ways to qualify as a nurse and work in Canada, but people who want to stay permanently in the country will like this type of certification.


Step 3: Health And Fitness Check

The next step to immigrating is to prove that you are medically fit to work in Canada. You need to provide a letter of recommendation from a competent physician who has seen you in the last two years.

A qualified physician holds at least a bachelor’s degree in nursing, the Canadian equivalent of a doctorate in nursing (ND).

You will also need proof of registration to work as a nurse or other related health professionals, such as paramedics or pharmacists. To prove that you have in-country experience, you must have a current license and registration.


Additionally, ways of immigrating to Canada as a nurse include having the proper qualifications and connecting with a Canadian employer in the healthcare field. You’ll be expected to interview with the employer or their representative, so you should consider them as important as yourself.


They’ll also work to show your abilities are strong enough to make you a competent nurse in Canada, as well as meet any other requirements for immigration.


Apply for Canadian Work Experience Visa

To be a nurse in Canada, you should also apply for a temporary work experience visa. This type of visa does not require specific credentials such as an educational degree or work experience.

It may be obtained by all nurses who want to come to Canada to find job opportunities. A foreign nurse can apply for a Canadian visa, which will be different from the one you use for your original visa. The application procedure is also different in each case.


The applicant must be prepared to provide copies of their educational certificates and diplomas and a reference letter from the Canadian employer. The maximum duration of the visa for nurses is 36 months.


Also, a nurse who applies for the first time must provide all the necessary documentation during processing. Though, you will have the option of choosing your paperwork and requesting a more than one-year extension. These visas have a maximum length of five years.


Work permit for Canadian Nurses

The work permit for nurses is a work permit issued by the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada (IRB). This visa is for foreign workers who want to work as nurses in Canada or change their status permanently.

The visa will also be granted to nurses who wish to attend courses at a school or college that offers comparable training but does not offer registered nursing degrees. These permits are issued when the employer applies directly to the IRB.


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