How To Make Money With Tiktok

Tiktok is one of the world’s biggest entertaining app in past few years and the craziness in people about tiktok is increasing day by day.


it has 1Billion plus user which is very big numbers. The main purpose of the app is video making and sharing in which you can make any type of video through which other people can be attracted towards you. Let’s come to our main topic and I’ll tell you some ways through which you can earn money fro Tiktok..

Top Ways To Earn Money From Tiktok..

There is some one of top Ways through which you can easily earn money from Tiktok. I’ll tell you that ways with complete details. The ways are mention below..


• Monatize Your Tiktok Account

• Being An Tiktok Influencer

• Sponsor Other Brands

• Permote Your Own Business

• Affiliate Marketing



1. Monatize Your Tiktok Account..

According to the new policy by tiktok creators, you can now monatize your Tiktok account. It is very big decisions which is taking by tiktok creators and this is also very useful dicision for tiktok user. Now, you can earn money by tiktok thorough making and sharing videos. If you wants to monatize your account then there is some requirements by tiktok creators which is mention bellow.

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Account holder should have minimum 10k trusty followers on his/her tiktok account.

Get minimum 100k plus views on your videos.

The Content could be according to the tiktok community guidelines.

The applicant should be have CNIC or your can say applicant should be 18 year old.

These are some requirements for monatization of tiktok account. If your account has these requirements then your are eligible to apply for Monatization.


2. Being An Tiktok Influencer..

Being an influencer in any kind of field is a very big opportunity of making money. If you have big numbers of followers on your Tiktok account like million plus followers if you have then your are the influencer of Tiktok. It’s a top way of making money from Tiktok. Many brands or business companies contact with you for advertisement and you can charge your fee in return. So being an influencer is means to making more money.

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3. Sponsor Other Brands..

If you have big numbers of following on your Tiktok account then you can make contract with brands and charge your fee for sponsorship. You can take advantage of your popularity and can make money by sponsorship. Many brands search such account which have authentic followers and after that they contact with Titokers and offer them for sponsor there products if you accept the offer now you are the barnd ambassador of that brand. This is how you can earn money from Tiktok by sponsorship.


4. Permote Your Own Business..

The big opportunity of having followers on Tiktok you can permote your own business. You have no need to pay someone other for permote your business you can run your business through permoting your products with your followers. That’s you can increase your income repaidly by launch your products with your followers and your can make your business a brand.

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5. Affiliate Marketing..

You can increase your income by affiliate marketing through your Tiktok Chanel. You can sell other brands products through sharing link with your audience and charge your percentage each product sell. This is one the best ways through which many tiktok stars generate their income. You just have to start campaign through your Tiktok account and share products link with tiktok users. According to a report 600milion plus people use tiktok on daily basis. You can think how big market is this for affiliate marketing.


So guys, this is the ways through which you can easily earn money through your Tiktok account. Hopefully you guys will take advantage of these ways which you’ve seen just now.

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