How To Make Money Online With Pepperjam Affiliate Network

The advanced technology and internet help a lot of people to earn money easily through digital platforms or channels. Then, one of the fastest growing ways that you can try especially for bloggers, YouTube stars, or social media influencers is Pepperjam affiliate network. What is this?


What Is Pepperjam Affiliate Network?

If you are a blogger, star, or social media influencer who has a lot of followers or exposure, then being an affiliate for some products or services is the best choice. You can earn more money by creating content marketing and promotion. It is such an easiest and cheapest way to monetize everything online.


You would start thinking to utilize and optimize blog, website, or social media that before are just for personal use, then change it for additional income. There are a lot of business and public figures who successfully utilize their account of digital platforms through affiliate marketing.


How about pepperjam? Basically, it is one of the option platforms that provide affiliate network programs. You can access it freely as pepperjam does not require money to become a partner. Besides, you also don’t need any staff or owning domain to join it. It is an easy way and cheap to start your online business.

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When you become a partner of pepperjam affiliate network, then you just need to insert referral links throughout the topic that are relevant to the user’s search. You will get commision for every sale after the audience clicked your link and bought the products or services.


The Difference of Affiliate Program and Affiliate Networks

Some people might think that both of them are the same. In fact, affiliate marketing and networks are different. Affiliate program is a term when a company hosts their affiliate campaign through their own website or social media. You will work only with one company and optimize their platform to start promoting through affiliate programs.


Meanwhile, affiliate networks are the large platforms that the company can choose to integrate or put their affiliate program. It has hundreds to thousands of affiliate programs inside of it. When you choose affiliate networks, then you will be able to access all the programs easily only in one-click for each company and you just need to sign up at once.

This kind of affiliate program gives you the big benefits as you can switch among the different companies to check and review what is the best suitable for you easily. Then, you will save more time as it eliminates the application time for signing up one-by-one.

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How To Join Pepperjam Affiliate Network?

When you decide to join pepperjam affiliate network, then you must understand the steps. Below are the steps that you must follow, those are:


Register through

You will found so much information about how good this program and they have a part of site to convince you again

Scroll down up to the sections to choose brand or advertising, publisher or influencer, and agency

Read clearly for every detail information amongst three choices

Choose Publisher or Influencer if you want to become affiliate and earning money through commission-based content marketing

Click Become a Publisher


After clicking this part, then you must fulfill the complete information about personal and company. It includes name, address, URL, phone number, email, password, currency, and payment details.


Don’t forget to select the correct company category of your site and typical promotions to attract visitors. Also there will be a choice to choose which social media platforms that you are active on such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more.

Then, the last step that you must follow is accept the legal agreements first before submit application. If you don’t have any website yet, don’t worry as you can optimize through social media or other digital platforms that you already have.

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How To Find an Affiliate Program?

After your application has been approved by pepperjam affiliate network, then you can start finding affiliate programs. You can find it through affiliate dashboard by selecting Find New Advertisers. The dashboard will show you based on filters that you choose.


There are some options that you can use, such as “No Relationship”, “Relationship Status”, and “Advertiser Category”. Then, usually each advertiser gave a certain category such as travel, food, computer, and many more. If your website’s niche is travel, you can choose a company in this field.


But, you must consider how the company gives you the commission. There are two important things that you should know as below:


Commission Rate, the amount money of commission from the company as merchant that will be displayed in flat dollar amount or percentage.

Cookie Duration, the time between customer clicks the link until you get the commission for every sale.

Pepperjam affiliate network gives the opportunity either for business, company, or personal publisher. They are having chances to earn more money and sales by following this program.

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