How To Make Money On Facebook

Facebook is the world’s biggest social media platform. Now in 2021, everyone follow Facebook regularly, you can say that Facebook is now a part of our life. Facebook has 2Billion plus users in all over the world. We use Facebook to connect with friends, family and other people in the world. Today I’ll tell you how can you make money from Facebook. I’ll tell you the complete detail through which you can make money from Facebook.



Ways To Make Money On Facebook

Now Facebook give you some ways to increase your income through Facebook. The ways which can help you to increase you income from Facebook is following:


Facebook Page

Run Facebook Ads

Short and long video

Digital Marketing

Affiliate Marketing


Earn Money From Facebook Page

You can earn money from Facebook by creating a page on your FB account. First of all you should have a idea about which content you can provide FB audience. After that create you Facebook page and start working on it. Give your time on FB page and gets more like and Followers on you page. Increase audience on you FB page. If you have 10000 plus followers on your page then your page is able to get Fb monetization. FB monetization means that if your page is monatized by FB then Facebook will show ads on your page through which you can make money.

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Earn Money By Running Facebook Ads

You can make money from Facebook by running ads on Facebook. This is very simple and easy way to earn money. If you have your own business and you wants to grow your business then you can take help from FB. Just make your FB page on your business name. After create page you can permote your business on FB by ads. You just have to pay some money to FB then FB will permote your business to that peoples who are interesting in your business. This will make big effect on your business you’ll get more coustmers and your products will sell which increase your income.

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Earn Money With Short and Long videos

You can make money from FB by get view on your videos. If you have 10000 followers on and your page is monatized then you can increase your earning by getting views on your video. First FB have policy to get money on long 3 minute video but now FB allow that short videos could be monatized. So you can earn money by uploading videos on your FB page. This is the best and easy way of earn passive income.


Digital Marketing

Facebook is the biggest platform for digital marketing. If you have an audience on FB then many business companies will contact to you for there marketing and instead this you can charge your fee. Brides this, if you have no audience on FB then you can join groups where some people search for the persons who can handle their fb page and boost their pages. You should contact with them and handle their account and work on their requirements. If you are a digital marketing experts then you can easily increase your passive income.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing mean that if someone sell products by digital activity and get some commission from selling product is called affiliate marketing. Facebook is a big paltform for affiliate marketing. For affiliate you should have to join some FB groups which is active and have good audience and share your products link if someone purchase product from your link then you’ll some percentage in reward. This is how you can earn money by affiliate marketing. This could be very useful for your passive income.

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