How to Make a Renters Insurance Claim

The goal of renters insurance is to cover the contents of anyone who is living in a rented property. As you should know, renters insurance is a type of homeowner insurance just like landlord insurance. However, in the case of renters insurance, it covers the person who rents the house.

How to Make a Renters Insurance Claim


It stands to do what the landlord insurance cannot do – protect the tenants. The landlord insurance only covers the overall building. Hence, if there is an unfortunate event in your rented home, you’ll have to make a renters insurance claim.

What is a Renters Insurance Claim?

After purchasing renters insurance, the insurer covers you and your properties. Hence, when there’s a misfortune, you can easily recover from the financial loss. 


An insurance claim is a formal request for compensation from your insurance provider for losses your policy covers. A contract between you and your insurance company is known as insurance. It will require you to pay a predetermined fee. 

In return, the insurance firm offers financial protection against losses caused by the policy’s requirements.

When an event your insurance covers occurs, you must file a claim. It will notify your insurer that the incident for which you obtained insurance has occurred. Hence, the insurance company is to pay the amount.

How to Make the Claim

Here’s how to make a claim using a mobile app. Note that some companies have their adjustments:

  • To get started, launch the app and go to the claims center.
  • The AI system will guide you through entering the essential claim information after you’ve started the procedure.
  • Electronically sign a document confirming the authenticity of your claim. Afterwards, you agree to donate any unused premium money to charity through the giveback program.
  • Make a short video of yourself explaining what happened so that the staff can assess your claim facts.
  • Make a list of everything that has to be included as you go through the processes. Always give precise information should in your policy or in the app.
  • Submit

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