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How To Maintain Fertility As A Man

In every man’s life, he dreams to see his or her child in the future. When a man sees one of his own he is motivated to work very hard to see the child growing up lacking anything.

Nothing is a great joy when your dreams are achieved.

In this article a am going to share with you how you can know you are fertile. If you have Been Doing something’s then you are good to the dream.


1) If you have never smoked you might be in a good group of the fertile. If you smoke please stop it may cause your bright future.

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2) If you have always been bathing with warm water. It makes your body produce more power in your body.


3) If you don’t drink alcohol or you drink it in less amount. You will be able to see your children


4) If you don’t wear very tight clothes. You give the air circulation in your body. Then you can be able to see your dream come true.

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