How To Maintain Eye Health

The role of the eye for us is very vital. Without eyes, the world would be dark, and of course not able to enjoy all the natural beauty of His creation. Therefore, it is very important that we always maintain eye health, so that we can see clearly and brightly.



Below are ways to maintain eye health that we can do with a pattern of applying good and healthy daily habits.


Check with your eye doctor regularly

At least once every half a year, consult an ophthalmologist for an examination and maintain eye health.

This is important to do, because it could be an eye disease that you think is just a mild eye disease, turns out to be dangerous. By seeing a doctor regularly, you can prevent the disease from getting worse.

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Take vitamins

You can try eating papaya or sweet potatoes which contain lots of vitamin A, which is very good for eye health.

If no vegetables or fruits contain vitamin A, you can buy vitamin A supplements in pills. Adequate intake of vitamin A makes the eyes look fresh, vision is brighter and not glazed.


Get enough sleep

Try to sleep 6-8 hours per day, no matter how busy you are at work. With a sufficient portion of sleep, the regeneration of eye cells to replace damaged cells for the better. And your eyes will always be healthy. On the other hand, those who are sleep deprived or used to staying up late will experience many eye problems because their cells are not able to regenerate optimally.

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Protect from pollution

Dust, smoke and other impurities can cause eye problems. Therefore, you can wear protective glasses when you are outside or in a polluted environment, especially when riding a motorized vehicle.


But if your eyes are already exposed to dust and pollution, first and foremost: don’t rub them, because that will only make things worse. Better to drop a special liquid to clean dirt in the eye.


That’s a simple way to maintain eye health. Do this habit from now on, don’t wait until serious eye health problems arise.





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