How To Know Your partner Is Playing You

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Tips to know if your partner is playing with you or serious in the relationship.

(1) You wake up early morning but you can’t send even a good morning message to your lover trust me you are just pretending, there is no love between you too.


(2) You are in the same country you can take a week without hearing the voice of the so called lover.


(3) Your lover sends you a message but you read without replying, instead of hurting his/her feeling be open and tell him/her that you don’t love her/him anymore.


(4) You organise to meet or go for picnic but every time you are saying you are busy.

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(5) Your lover is in Problem, you can’t help him/her to sort things out.


6. Your phone is always busy whenever your lover calls.


7. You can’t spare time for your lover but you spare time for other people.


8. You’ve been dating for years without knowing if it’s leading to marriage or not, tell him/her the truth and stop wasting someone’s time.


9. Feelings are so painful if you don’t love that person. Stop playing with his/her feelings. Be open and say you don’t love her/him.


10. Your lover’s heart is not a doll to be played with. Be open and tell him/her that you don’t love him/ her anymore.

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