How To Keep Children Safe In The Playroom/Ground

Do you have a playroom at home? Have you considered and taken all the necessary steps to ensure your children are not exposed to any kind of harm in there? Are you a teacher or child-care staff? How are the playrooms and playgrounds at your establishment setup? There is a lot to keep in mind, baby proofing is a fine idea. Where it is not quite affordable, you can look for cheaper ways to achieve a child-friendly play space indoors or outdoors.


A few tips to keep in mind when planning, setting up or when taking a step back to inspect an already set play area;



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Play area if indoors should be airy, and tidy always.

It should have a good electrical plan; sockets should be above the reach of toddlers or capped.

Cables should not be lying around to avoid tripping.


Avoid suspended fittings or check them regularly.

Check play equipment parts regularly for wear and tear, faulty or disconnected joints

Select toys that don’t have detachable/ ingestible parts for toddlers and young children


Keep sharp objects out of the area.

Install an appropriate barricade system so they don’t wander to into danger.

Ensure a monitoring system is installed for times when you can’t watch them.

Avoid importation of sharp or foreign inappropriate objects into the playroom or on the playground.

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Select age-appropriate toys and facilities

Floor type should be selected carefully, consider; falls, slipping, combustibility and cleaning.

Use furniture or fittings of appropriate materials to cushion impact of fall.


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