How To Keep A Man


• If you want your man to love you often,have a good attitude. No matter how sexy you look or dress,your man will not find you attractive if you have a bad Mouth, character or attitude.

• If you want your man to pray with you, stop acting like your prayers are more powerful or you’re closer to God than your man. Allow your man to pray the way he knows.

• If you want your man to open up secrets to you and sensitive information, learn to keep secret yourself and learn not to over react. Men are scared of sharing information if they know that it will not be kept secretly.

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• If you want your man to take you out often,stop bring issues along that should be dealt with at home. No man wants to go and spend his money on a date to be emotionally drained.

• If you want your man to eat with you, be pleasant to be around. No matter how good the food and tasty your food, it loses interest and taste when being around you is stressful.

• If you want your man to take your suggestions,corrections and ideas then invest on the right words and be polite, speak to him with a low tone of love. If you come to him shouting,dictating at him,he will harden up.

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• If you want your man to come back home early, be peaceful at home. The woman is a home builder and so can easily make her husband keeps off if she become harsh, uninvited and combative.

• If you want your man to solve issues in your relationship or marriage,stop seeing him as the agent of devil in the relationship or marriage,stop attacking him and stop seeing yourself as an Angel and him as the devil. See your faults, show him you’re extremely and ready to make it work,not pointing an accusing fingers.

• If you want your man to be calling and chatting with you often,be fun to be with on phone and talk to. If anytime he calls or chat with you end up with fight and quarrel,reminding him of his wrong on phone. He will avoid communication with you.

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