How To Get Flatter Stomach With Breakfast Meal

The Best Breakfast Foods For a Flatter Stomach, Dietitians says is getting enough fiber and protein each morning.


Sometimes when you are trying to get a flatter stomach, you may think that skipping meals will help. However, breakfast is not only important for our overall health, but it is truly important for metabolism and for getting that flat belly you desire.

Some of the best breakfasts you can choose for your morning include high amounts of fiber and protein, which are both important for healthy weight management. But which foods, in particular, should you stock up on? We asked a few experts to give us their list of the best breakfast foods for a flatter stomach, and the results may surprise you! Then, for even more healthy tips, be sure to sign up for our newsletter to get daily recipes and food news in your inbox!

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• Oatmeal

Oatmeal is one of the best breakfasts you can possibly eat for getting a flatter stomach.

“The fiber in oatmeal helps us feel satiated longer because it is a slow-release carbohydrate, which means that it provides energy but doesn’t spike blood sugar,” says Paula Doebrich, RDN. “The energy from slow-release carbs is released over a long period of time, giving you plenty of energy for the day without making you feel sluggish.”


Eating oatmeal gives your body the fiber it needs not only for heart health, but [also] for proper digestion, says Michelle Ricker, RDN, Director of Worldwide Health Education and Training at Herbalife Nutrition.” When your digestion is working properly, your stomach will thank you and start getting flatter.”

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According to our experts, eggs are another great way to start your day with a flat tummy.

“Eggs are a great source of complete protein, which will help balance that morning blood sugar response while also helping keep your lean muscle mass fueled for a metabolism boost,” says Ricker. “Eggs mixed with some high-fiber veggies are fabulous for getting that flat stomach.”




Protein shake

Speaking of protein, starting your morning off with a filling protein shake is also a great option.

“A morning protein shake will help you gain a flatter stomach by keeping your breakfast calories in check and providing the 20 to 30 grams of protein the body needs for proper metabolism,” says Ricker. “When you can add in fruits and veggies to your protein shake, you are even more ahead of the game for the day by boosting your daily fiber intake and helping build your digestion for that fatter stomach.”

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Greek yogurt

If you’re craving a sweeter treat in the morning, try a bowl of Greek yogurt with some fruit and nuts on top.

“Greek yogurt is a convenient breakfast that is delicious, enjoyable to eat, and rich in protein,” says Melissa Mitri, MS, RD of Wellness Verge. “In fact, research has shown that those who consume Greek yogurt regularly actually tend to weigh less.”


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