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How To Gain Respects From Your Woman

The dream of every couple is to have a wonderful relationship devoid of problems but filled with love, excitement, peace, oneness and cooperation. While Women seek for and enjoy being loved, pampered and cherished by their men, men on the other hand have the natural desire to be deeply respected by their women. Lack of this respect has contributed to relationship failures and high divorce cases in society.


The desire for this respects has led some men to employ wrong approaches in their relationships. Most of the approaches end up escalating matters against them. To provide a way out, read these five ways of gaining respects from Your Woman.



1. Stop Demanding Respects But Work For It.

A lot of men and husbands in an efforts to secure respects from their women will openly demand respects by reminding their spouses that they are the head and as such should be accorded the necessary treatment. While they’re right, this approach presents the picture of a man desperate for attention before his spouse.

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Instead of openly demanding it, silently working to earn the respects is highly recommended. To achieve this, the man should make efforts to provide the needed leadership in the relationship. The leadership abilities of the man will naturally attract respects from his woman.



2. Support Your Woman Financially.

Women are like flowers. And as such, they blossom when they are watered and cared for. The responsibility of this care falls on the shoulders of her man. This care includes gifts, supports for her and even her close relatives if circumstances permit. These supports on the part of the man naturally earned him respects from the woman.

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3. Avoid Abuse.

Many men in relationship resort to physical or verbal abuse especially if their spouse refused to accord them the needed respects. This sometimes leads to bruises, injuries and emotional instability. Instead of adding the needed respects to the man,

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4. Be Faithful

The popular belief that men are polygamous beings provides a negative push to some men to be unfaithful to their spouses While these men see this as fun especially when they still cater for the needs of their families, their spouses are deeply hurt and disrespected. These spouses may find it challenging to accord much needed respect to such unfaithful mates. This can be avoided, as a faithful man attracts respects from his spouse easily.

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5. Protects Your Woman.

There’s a need for a man to protects his woman from attacks and negative influences. The unconcerned attitude of some men in this regards especially when their relatives are involved, makes a man appear immature and uncaring before his spouse which in turn reduces her respects for him. The man’s ability to protects his woman against all forms of abuse reposition the man as the head and the one that should be deeply respected.


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