How To Eradicate Bad Sexual Habits

We can’t ignore how sexual immorality caused a lot of damages in the lives of so many people (particularly young people) this past year. It is really heartbreaking watching young folks suffering and living a wrecked and wretched lifestyle and giving room to the devil to get them ruined.


See how sexual immorality (particularly premarital sex, porn and masturbation) has turned many young and brilliant people into a nuisance without purpose and focus in life again. Many are now public dogs, STDs carriers, drugs and alcohol addicts, single and premature parents, and the evil devil has brought all form of ugliness into their lives.

The truth is, our society will continue to be an unpleasant one if we keep going contrary to the will of God and embracing immorality. Immorality (like other types of sin) empowers the kingdom of darkness to wreck havoc in our society. So, if people failed to go back to God in repentance, then you can expect more headaches in the society

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The Will of God for sex is that all forms of sexual pleasures should be shared only between a married husband and his female wife inside the safe confines of their marriage institution, with no other party involved.


Anyone that will obey God’s instructions can be sure of living a lifestyle that is devoid of the fatal pangs and pains associated with sexual immorality.



If you will obey God’s loving commandments as regards the enjoyment of sexual pleasures (which is actually for your own safety and good), then you must stop these sexual acts and not carry them with you to this new year:


1. Premarital Sex: Fornication is having sex when you are not married. Sex is actually meant for married couples (a male and a female) alone. Even if fornication is the norms out there, don’t follow the crowd. Be unique and pure. Yes, it is possible to tame your sexual urges. Don’t indulge in premarital sex, and you won’t have to experience the negativities attached to it (unwanted pregnancy, STDs, and so on).

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2. Extramarital Sex: Adultery is simply about having sex with someone other than your own spouse. As a married person, ensure you are contented with your husband or wife, and don’t have an extramarital affair. The repercussions of adultery are usually deadly. Believe me, the few-minute pleasure derived from illicit sex is not worth the coming pain.


3. Homosexuality: This is sexual relations between members of same gender, like lesbianism (which is between females) and gayism (which is between males). Such things are dirty and an abomination that should be hated. If you are doing this, call upon the Name of the LORD Jesus for deliverance, and He will surely save you.

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4. Pornography: God made sex to be an honorable act. It should be a private thing between a husband and his female wife. It is sinful to derive sexual pleasure from seeing the unclothedness of others. It is also sinful to video your sexual encounters and share them with others. Repent this year hence you will regret it!


5. Masturbation: You must not play with your sexual organs for sexual pleasures. You are going against God; and masturbation will only damage your body, soul and spirit.


6. Other Immoral Sexual Acts like smooching someone not your married spouse, sextings and the rest of them


Repent from immoral sexual activities and don’t go with them into 2023. Live your life honouring God in holiness and purity.


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