How To Download Video On Facebook

Facebook is a social media which have user in billions. We all use Facebook in our daily life. Now it’s become a part of our life. Bessically, Facebook is a social network through which you can connect with your family, friends and you can also make your online friends all over the world.


This is how you can download Facebook video easily. So, I’ll tell you with complete details about it. After reading this blog you’ll able to download your FB video easily. This is the complete process with step by step through which you can understand easily..


How to download facebook video

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Step 1

First of all you have to download a application from the Play store. The name of application is “Video Downloader for Facebook”. This is very trusted and useful app and have 10M plus downloaders. Download this app and install.



Step 2

After installing the app go to Facebook website and enter your FB login.



Step 3

After login you FB account. Click on the video you want to download. After click on it, you’ll see three lines on the top of your right side as you can see in below the screenshot.



Step 4

Now you’ll see “Copy link” option. Now copy link of video.

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Step 5

Now open the app. When you open the app you’ll see “Paste copy link” option. Just paste you link on that. As you can also see in screenshot.



Step 6

After paste the link you’ll redirect to your video. And you’ll see “Arrow ⬇️” icon on the top left side of your screen. This Arrow mean of video download. Just click on it and your video will start downloading Successfully.

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