How To Discover Some Erotic Zones In The Body

Here are some surprisingly erotic or erogenous zones in the body:

Sex organs are not the only body parts that can give pleasure. During intercourse or intimate moments, focusing solely on sex organs is one of the worst things you can do.


The largest organ in the body is the skin, which means you have the whole skin to explore. The thinner the skin, the more sensitive it is.


Another vital organ is the brain. Obviously, you cannot touch or kiss the brain, but without it, pleasurable sex is impossible.

Every genital organ has a space in the brain’s cortex, and every touch must trigger a response in the brain.

Apart from the skin and the brain, here are some unexpectedly erotic body parts;



1. The Wrist

If you read romantic novels growing up, you must have come across the words ‘dainty wrists’ many times.

Touching your partner’s wrists, especially where the pulse is while looking into their eyes, is an easy way to get things going sexually.


2. The Neck

For some women, their neck is more erotic and arousing than their breasts or nipples.


3. Hair

Having someone playfully touch your hair or scalp is an underrated form of intimacy. That is why washing your partner’s hair is sexy and intimate.


4. Knees

The back of the knees that connect to the thighs are sexy. Kissing and touching those parts can get your partner in the mood.


5. Ears And Ear Lobe

Tickling your partner’s ears and kissing it is a way to trigger your partner sexually. It can even make some women orgasm.


6. Feet

Some people can get turned on when their toes are kissed or their feet massaged.


7. Fingers

Fingers can be quite arousing for some people. Holding hands and ‘licking’ fingers can be quite sexy.


These zones are not all there is. If you want to discover more of these zones, you have to understand your body.


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