How To Discover Low Libido In Men

If we are to believe the media, everyone has a smashing sex life. Yet, having less sex drive is common. And it’s not always the woman who doesn’t feel like having sex. There are also men (at certain times in their lives) who don’t feel like having sex.


Are you fine with that? Then it’s no problem at all. Does it bother you? Perhaps you recognize yourself in one of these 10 causes?



1. Sleep Deprivation

A man in his teens or twenties forgets his need for sleep as soon as the opportunity for sex arises. But when the man’s years pass and the newness of the relationship wears off, the bed sometimes attracts more than wild lovemaking, especially when sleep deprivation is involved.


2. Medication


For example, the side effects of drugs, such as antidepressants (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), can reduce your sex drive. Also, sedatives and medicines for high blood pressure (beta-blockers) can lower a man’s libido.


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3. Hormones

The main engine behind the male libido is the hormone testosterone. A testosterone deficiency affects nearly 1 in 10 men between 40 and 79. Complaints caused by a testosterone deficiency include decreased libido, feelings of depression and osteoporosis. Fortunately, there are ways to boost your testosterone.


4. Stress

Stress or worry can lower a man’s libido. Even when men are insecure about their place in society, work, or family, their sex drive can decrease considerably. This happens, for example, if his position at work falters, he loses his job, or a loved one dies.


5. Performance Pressure

Men sometimes feel they have to prove themselves. Sex is sometimes not a moment of relaxation, but of pressure, they have to perform. This pressure can lead to a decrease in sex drive. Sometimes this feeling of pressure is (indirectly) caused by the partner, but a man can also feel pressure due to erection problems or when he has the idea that he is coming too quickly. This may cause him to avoid sex.

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6. A Wish For Children

When there is a wish to have children, a lot can change in the sexual relationship, and sex can take on a different meaning. If it’s not possible to get pregnant right away, sex can become a chore. Once conception happens, anxiety can play a role in reducing sex drive. Sometimes men are afraid that thrusting the penis could harm the uterus or even lead to a miscarriage. This is an unfounded fear, by the way.


7. Turn-Offs In Bed

If there are things going on between the sheets that turn him off, a man can turn away from sex. This may be because he no longer feels attracted to his partner’s body, his partner does things that make him feel offended, he feels that he is not being treated fairly or that the sex is costing him too much energy. He may also be ashamed of sexual interests that he is afraid to share with his partner.

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8. Cheating

Cheating usually affects the sex drive with the steady partner negatively. Feelings of shame often play a role in this.


9. Quarrel

Because of irritations or arguments, some men are inclined to refuse or avoid sex. Some do this to annoy their partner; others simply can’t get excited if there are still unspoken issues at play. In any case, emotions such as anger, fear, or sadness are real libido killers.


10. Porn and Internet Sex

With the advent of the internet, sexual fantasies can be fulfilled online to your heart’s content. Many men literally take matters into their own hands. Fortunately, this phenomenon poses no threat to most relationships. However, with excessive internet sex consumption, the desire to have sex with a real partner can slowly decrease. It is not easy to compete with an ideal image on the internet, where someone immediately gets what they want, no matter how extreme.


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