How To Deal With Drug Abuse And Addiction

Have you experienced a time in your life whereby you are not satisfied with a particular behavior of yours yet you keep doing it as if it’s the only option left? A scenario whereby you are conscious of yourself yet you feel like you are not in charge of your own body.

This experience is not limited to drugs alone, it could be a particular behavior you want 2 end. It could be sex addiction, addiction of a person, gabbling addiction, internet addiction, shopping addiction, video games addiction, food addiction, drug addiction, etc. Our article today focuses on the later hence it’s one of, if not the commonest form of addiction presently.

The inability to practically stop taking drugs, without or against a doctor’s prescription defines drug abuse and addiction all together. When you become addicted to a particular drug or substance, it takes charge over your body by controlling your thoughts and emotions.


The most common confession among drug addicts is that ‘it makes them happy and they feel incomplete without it’. That obviously, is a polite way of expressing your peak drug addiction effects. The commonly abused drugs globally include Cocaine, Heroin, opioids, loud, Indian hemp, cigarette, alcohol, contraceptives, etc.


We do not wish to spend much time discussing the stages, symptoms, and complications of drug abuse since you already have the experiences. We prefer to discuss the possible solutions to the problem than talking about how it happens.


Causes of drug addiction 

On a broad scale, the kind of things that trigger people to become drug addicts are mainly environmental, biological, and psychological factors. To quit drug addiction, you have to clearly understand how you got into the mess, because most people become drug addicts without even knowing they are, until complications from such drugs become too noticeable. These factors may include:

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Peer pressure or influence

Emotional stress

Sales of such abused drugs


Living with a drug addict


Lack of parental care or control


If you are a drug addict and you are reading this article, we assure you that you will overcome the act if you adhere to instructions stated below. The truth is that it’s not going to be easy at all, but it’s very possible to quit drug addiction.


Make up your mind

It is easy to overcome drug addiction at all, there are times you may verbally tell yourself you have quit using a particular drug, but after some time you start feeling like there’s no option than to take such drugs. This feeling of nervousness and severe body demands for a drug you constantly take is hard to resist.


Some people lie to their therapist that they have stopped taking a drug, but take it secretly. It’s not easy to quit because your body system have already adapted to the extreme job from the drug


The first step to overcome drug addiction is to be honest to yourself, not anyone! Yourself first.

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Change your psychology 

Sometimes drug addicts honestly make up their mind to stop using or abusing a particular drug, for a moment everything goes well, until you start hearing voices inside your head again, your training demanding for a dose like never before.


This stage will definitely come. So you should try to do away with everything that will trigger you to have a feeling to take the drug or substance. It’s not a bad idea if you change your circle of friends who engage in such similar acts.


Social media is also very influential, especially to people who are video or picture-sensitive. Avoid watching or reading online contents encouraging or demonstrating the use of such drugs or any commonly misused drugs in general.


There’s a need to surround yourself with positive people, discuss your fears and challenges with them. problem shared is a problem halved.


Exercise daily 

The “high” or overwhelming feeling gotten from drugs is similar to that gotten from regular exercises, if you stop taking a drug you have been addicted to, you might experience symptoms like depression, fatigue, a feeling of emptiness, and low self-esteem. This feeling continues after some time and may appear unbearable, some people quit at this stage of recovery.


However, we strongly recommend regular exercise as a remedy. The feeling of self-confidence, satisfaction, and elation you feel when you take an illicit drug like alcohol or Indian hemp is because such drugs trigger the release of chemical substances called endorphins into your blood to create such feelings.

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Research shows that these same endorphins are released during exercises. This will help to replace the absence of the drug until your body starts living comfortably without it.


Find new hobbies 

You just need to create a distraction, find a hobby to spend time frequently at. Idleness is very bad at a recovery stage. You can decide to visit the gym, go to an amusement park, talk or take a walk with a positive friend, or go to cinema shows. Etc. Try to avoid staying alone and idle; but avoid hanging around with negative people too.


Take medical treatment

Some people get sick when they stop taking a drug they are addicted to. It’s normal to experience such minor illnesses for some time. These illnesses are called withdrawal symptoms. E.g. loss of appetite, fatigue, mood change, restlessness, shakiness, runny nose, diarrhea, sweating, tremors, hallucinations, etc.


Do not take the abused or misused drugs again. Your body will retain its normal state again.


Your doctor or therapist will assist you with certain medications that will control the withdrawal symptoms. Although such medications depend on the kind of drugs you have been addicted to, these medications may include methadone, Buprenorphine, Ativan, anti-anxiety medications, antidepressants drugs, or any medication that will control the symptoms.


Talk to your doctor if you have any challenges. Addiction in general, is not a battle to fight alone.

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