How to Cook Fried Rice – Steps

This fried rice is entirely different from the popular Asian Chicken Fried Rice because the depth of the taste in the latter comes from the Soy sauce while the depth of taste of the latter comes from the Curry powder,

How to Cook Fried Rice


Thyme, Seasoning cubes, and of course the abundance of vegetables like Carrots, Green beans, Peas, sweet corn, and Onions.



How To Prepare Fried Rice

It’s o.k to add a dash of cayenne pepper if you like some heat! Don’t over boil your Rice before frying it, otherwise, you will end up with a soggy fried rice. Fried rice is best enjoyed when the Veggies remain crunchy, so don’t overcook your veggies. I used mixed veggies which consist of Carrots, Sweet Peas, Sweet Corn, and Green Beans. However, vegetables like sweet bell peppers can also be used.

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