How To Clear Cache On Window 7 Laptop

Laptop starting to slow down? It may be that the cache in it is full. Don’t think about it anymore, just follow how to clear the cache on the next laptop so that: lappy you can work quickly and smoothly as before.



Actually, data cache is useful data. Why? Because the data can make applications on your laptop work more efficiently. However, if the amount of data is too large, it will have a negative effect on the device, for example in the case of a slow laptop. Let’s read this article to the end to learn more!


What is cache?

Before describing how to clear cache on laptop, it will help you understand the meaning of cache first. cache is temporary data saved to make apps, sites, or websites run faster. This data records all activities performed on the application.


So when you visit a site for the first time, the browser automatically saves that information. For example, on the second visit and so on, you don’t have to rewrite the web address or log in again.


That is why cache is also commonly known as the activity of reusing data from previous requests for the purpose of speeding up request†


cache type

On a laptop with Windows OS, there are several types of cache that you should know. Amongst them


1. Windows 10 Update cache

Windows is an operating system that is updated quite often, so a lot of cache will be generated by these activities as well.


2. Windows Store cache

This cache appears when you download applications from the Windows Store.


3. Temporary files cache

This cache comes from applications installed on the laptop.


4. Miniature cache

Every file or folder has a preview image or commonly known as a thumbnail, you can see this in File Explorer. As the name suggests, thumbnail caches are generated from these thumbnails.


5. System Restore Cache

This cache appears because of system restore.


6. Web browser cache

Finally, this cache appears as a result of browsing and downloading files on the Internet.


7. DNS cache or domain name system

This cache is generated based on internet access used by your laptop.



Cache Benefits

As discussed above, that cache improves system performance so it can speed things up and the result is more efficient. The cache stores data for future use when you access the site.


If a copy of the data is cached, then apps, browsers, and websites don’t have to waste time downloading it again. The app or browser only needs to download files that have been updated or that you have not used before.


This allows the app to work offline in some cases, for example if you don’t have internet access. Well, later on, the application you open can rely on cached data so that it can continue to work even without internet access.


For maximum browser and website acceleration, in addition to regularly clearing the cache, you should also use good hosting. Especially if your laptop is used for business purposes, such as visiting a personal website to get your business online. Don’t carelessly choose hosting!


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Lack of cache

Back again with the cache, while the benefits are quite useful, using the cache system also has some drawbacks. Cache can be a security hole of a website, where hackers can infiltrate it. In addition, the cache that accumulates will make your laptop sluggish.


Therefore, you need to clear the cache regularly. Then what happens to the device when the cache is cleared? Don’t worry, brother! There will be no serious problems. Clearing the cache will only revert the app or site to its original state. Personal data on web pages or applications will also be deleted. So if you want to access it again, you have to login again.



Clear cache on laptop

Knowing how to clear a laptop’s cache is very important and not difficult to do. Especially if your laptop already feels sluggish, frozen, sluggish and the like. Even so, there are still many people who do not know how to properly clear the cache on a laptop without an application.


Here Jagoan Hosting explains how to clear the cache on a laptop. There are 2 different ways to clear cache on Windows and Mac laptops. How is it going? Here is the complete information.


How to Clear Cache on Windows OS Laptop

For those who don’t know, Jagoan Hosting will discuss how to clear cache on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 laptops.


1. How? Transparent cache via temporary folder

In Windows you can find files temporary or temporarily in a special folder, namely the Temp folder. This folder is where all the cache files are stored. Not only that, files from browsers like cookies, historyand others are also in this folder.


To clear the cache, you must first delete all files in this folder. Because often the content is quite large.


Last, Restarting your laptop.


2. How? Transparent cache using Disk Cleanup

Disk Cleanup is a Windows feature that allows you to clean all junk files on a specific drive. After previously deleting the cache files in the Temp folder, you should also use Disk Cleanup so that your laptop is optimally clean. The trick is:


Last, Restarting your laptop.


3. Enable storage sense

Storage Sense is useful for setting the cache to be automatically optimized by Windows. Once you have implemented all the ways to clear the cache as described above, you can activate the storage discovery feature like this:

How to Clear Cache on Mac OS Laptop

Unlike Windows OS which has several ways to clear cache, on Mac OS laptops there is only 1 way Transparent cache, namely through the Mac Finder.


The first step to clearing the cache on a Mac laptop is to go to the Mac Finder. After logging in, select the Go menu in the menu bar. Then you will see the menu drop and search options Go to Folders. Type “~/Library” in the comment box and press Go.


There you will see several folders and look for the cache folder. Select all files in the folder and move them to the Recycle Bin. The last step to clear the cache on a Mac laptop is to empty the Trash via Empty Trash. In less than 5 minutes your laptop will be clean as before!


Here’s how to clear the cache on a laptop you can try. If your work can’t be separated from the laptop, it’s a good idea to periodically clear the object from the cache. At least 2 times a day. Say goodbye to slow laptop!.


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