How to Clean Your Apple Watch Band

Cleaning your Apple Watch band is an essential part of owning one. If you’re a bit confused about what to do, this article will show you how to clean your Apple Watch band.

apple watch band


You’ll be saving yourself from skin irritation when you clean your Apple watch band also, cleaning it will make it last longer.

How to Clean Your Apple Watch Band;

  • Remove the band from the watch. For a non-Apple brand, Follow the care info provided for the band.
  • If it’s the fabric or leather band, wipe the leather part with non-abrasive and lint-free fabric. Sticky and oily substances present in the band should be removed with dampened lint-free fabric. The material has to be dampened, not soaked with water.
  • Allow the band to dry in an open-air before attaching it back to the Apple watch. Make sure you’re not drying the band where there’s direct sunlight, high humidity, or temperature.
  • For Bands such as Solo bands, Nick bands, Solo loop bands, Apple Watch bands, and metal bands that aren’t leather or fabric bands, a 70% isopropyl alcohol wipe, 
  • Clorox disinfecting wipe or 75% ethyl alcohol wipe should clean them. Do not use cleaning agents and products with hydrogen peroxide or bleach. Any of the wipes will do, or you can choose to use the lint-free fabric or a damp non-abrasive to clean the band.
  • After cleaning, dry the band before attaching it back to the Apple Watch.

Cleaning your apple watch band will not only make your watch last long, it’ll also prevent skin irritations.




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