How to Check UENR Admission List Online 2023/2024

Are you curious about your University of Energy and Natural Resources admission status? Learn how to check the UENR Admission List easily. Find step-by-step instructions, tips, and alternative methods here.

How to Check UENR Admission List


How to Check UENR Admission List

Now that you’ve applied to the University of Energy and Natural Resources, anticipation is growing. Check the UENR Admission List by following these easy steps, and your curiosity will be satisfied.

1. Visit the Official UENR Website


Visit the official UENR website as a first step. Go to the student portal or admissions section, where you should be able to find information about the admission list.

2. Locate the Admission List Section

Once on the website, look for a dedicated section related to admissions or the admission list. This could be prominently displayed on the homepage or within the student portal.

3. Enter Your Details


To view your admission status, you must enter your details. This could be your name, application number, or any other identifying information. Verify the accuracy of the data entered.

4. Check for Your Name

Once you’ve entered your details, the UENR Admission List will be displayed. Scan through the list to find your name. Congratulations if you spot it – you’re officially part of the UENR family!

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Alternative Methods

If the online method doesn’t suit you, consider these alternatives:

1. Contact the UENR Admissions Office

Reach out to the admissions office via phone or email. They can provide information on your admission status and guide you on the next steps.

2. Check Notice Boards on Campus

In some cases, UENR may post the admission list on campus notice boards. This is a traditional yet effective way to check your status if you’re nearby.

What are the Courses Offered at UENR?

The courses are classified according to the different schools in the University of Energy and Natural Resources and they are as follows:

Engineering School

1. BSc. Agricultural Engineering

2. BSc. Computer Engineering

3. BSc. Civil Engineering [Regular/Weekend]

4. BSc. Electrical and Electronic Engineering [Regular/Weekend]

5. BSc. Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering [BSc, Top-Up]

6. BSc. Environmental Engineering

7. MSc./PhD Environmental Engineering Management

Energy School

1. BSc. Petroleum Engineering

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2. BSc. Renewable Engineering

3. MSc./PhD Sustainable Energy Management

Natural Resources School

1. Diploma Natural Resources Management

2. A Diploma in Fire, Safety and Disaster Management

3. BSc. Natural Resources Management (Regular/Weekend)

4. BSc. Fire, Safety, and Disaster Management (Regular/Weekend) with options in Ecotourism, Forest Resource Management, Land Reclamation and Restoration, Social Forestry, Wood Science, and Forest Products.

5. BSc. Hospitality Management (Regular/Weekend)

6. MPhil/PhD Social Forestry and Environmental Governance (Weekend)

7. MSc./MPhil/PhD Environment, Water and Sustainability (Weekend)

Sciences School

1. Diploma Insurance [Regular/Weekend]

2. Diploma Statistics [Regular/Weekend]

3. Diploma Information Technology

4. Diploma in Computer Science

5. BSc. Biological Science

6. BSc. Medical Laboratory Sciences

7. BSc. Nursing

8. BSc. Chemistry

9. BSc. Computer Science [Regular/Weekend]

10. BSc. Information Technology [Regular/Weekend]

11. BSc. Actuarial Science [Regular/Weekend]

12. BSc. Statistics [Regular/Weekend]

13. BSc. Mathematics [Regular/Weekend]

14. MSc./MPhil/PhD Computer Science

15. MPhil Applied Mathematics

Agriculture and Technology School

1. Diploma Agriculture

2. BSc. Agribusiness [Regular/Weekend]

3. BSc. Agriculture [Regular/Weekend]

4. BSc. Agricultural and Resource Economics with options in Extension, Horticulture, Crops Production, Soil Science, Animal Production and Health, Post Harvest.

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5. MSc./MPhil/PhD Crop Science

6. MBA/MPhil Agribusiness Management

Arts and Social Sciences School

1. Diploma Enterprise Management

2. BSc. Resource Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

3. BSc. Economics

Geosciences School

1. Diploma Geo-Information Science

2. Diploma Geomatics

3. BSc. Planning and Sustainability

4. BSc. Climate Change and Sustainable Development

5. Bsc. Geoinformation Science

6. BSc. Applied Meteorology and Climate Science

7. MSc./MPhil Environmental Planning and Development

8. MSc./MPhil Climate Change

Graduate Studies

1. MSc./MPhil Climate Change

2. MPhil Applied Mathematics

3. MSc./MPhil/PhD Crop Science

4. MBA/MPhil Agribusiness Management

5. MSc./MPhil Environmental Planning and Development

6. MSc./PhD Sustainable Energy Management

7. MSc./PhD Environmental Engineering Management

8. MPhil/PhD Social Forestry and Environmental Governance

9. MSc./MPhil/PhD Computer Science

10. MSc./MPhil/PhD Environment, Water and Sustainability (Weekend)

For every applicant, checking the UENR Admission List is important. You can find out your admission status and start your academic journey at the University of Energy and Natural Resources by using these steps or looking into other options.

We wish you luck and congrats if your name appears on the list!


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