How to Check ATU Admission List Online 2023/2024

Learn how to check the ATU admission list effortlessly. Follow this step-by-step guide to find out if you made it to the list and secure your spot at ATU.

How to Check ATU Admission List


How to Check ATU Admission List

The Accra Technical University’s admissions list is now accessible online. Prospective students who applied to this university should use the procedures listed below to verify their names are listed on the admission list:

1. Navigate to the Official ATU Website


Start by visiting the official ATU website. This is the primary platform where admission lists are released.

2. Locate the Admission List Section

When you’re on the ATU website, go to the “Admission List” section. Most of the time, this section has all the information you require.

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3. Search for Your Name


To find your name in the Admission List section, either scroll through the list or use the search function. This is the important moment!

4. Check Alternative Sources

You can also check other sources if the official website is not functioning well or is not accessible for a while. The admissions list may be made available by ATU via additional channels, like notice boards or social media.

Other Ways to Confirm ATU Admission

Apart from the online method, there are additional ways to confirm your admission to ATU.

1. Contact the Admissions Office

Talk with the admissions department directly. By phone or email, they can offer you one-on-one assistance and confirm your admission status.

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2. Visit the Campus

If you are close to the university, it will be better for you to visit the campus yourself to confirm your admission in person. The staff at ATU can guide you through the process and address any concerns you may have.

What are the Courses offered at Accra Technical University?

The courses offered at Accra Technical University according to the faculties are as follows:

Faculty of Engineering

1. Mechanical Engineering Department

2. Electrical/Electronic Engineering Department

3. Civil Engineering Department

Faculty of Built Environment

1. Department of Interior Design and Upholstery Technology

2. The Department of Building Technology

Faculty of Applied Science

1. Applied Mathematics and Statistics

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2. Science Laboratory Technology

3. Computer Science

4. Medical Laboratory Technology

Faculty of Applied Arts

1. Department of Hotel Catering & Institutional Management (HCIM)

2. Fashion Design & Textile Department

3. Department of Liberal Studies and Communications Technology

Faculty of Business

1. Accountancy and Finance

2. Management and Public Administration

3. Procurement and Supply Chain Management

4. Marketing

You can make sure you don’t miss any important information and get around the process with ease by following the easy steps provided in this guide.

Remember that during this exciting period, patience is essential. We hope you have success seeing your name on the admissions list at ATU!


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