How to care for your penis.

Skin irritations and several common illnesses can be avoided by maintaining adequate cleanliness and genital care. Men are frequently believed to know how to properly care for their penis, but it never hurts to refresh your memory.

If you have a foreskin or have been circumcised, the same basic principles apply.

You can take care of yourself in a variety of ways.

How to care for your penis

1. Every day, gently cleanse your penis. With only water and a very delicate soap, gently peel back the foreskin and clean underneath it, as well as the tip of your penis (the glans). This delicate area should not be scrubbed.

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2. Make sure the tip of your penis, the area behind your foreskin, and the remainder of your penis are all carefully patted dry. Before putting on your underpants, replace the foreskin over the tip of the penis.

3. Take care to make sure that your underwear has been washed thoroughly as well as completely dried before putting it on.

4. Before passing urine or touching your penis, wash your hands well. This is especially crucial if you’ve been working with chemicals, chili peppers, or heat rub that could irritate your penis.

5. Hydration is beneficial to both your general health and the health of your penis. Dehydration and ED may be linked, therefore drink at least two liters of water every day.

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However, ignoring penis health is a mistake. Penis issues don’t simply affect your sex. They can harm your physical and emotional wellbeing. Make sure you look after your penis and see a doctor if something seems off.

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