How To Buy HostGator Hosting

A step-by-step explanation from the Dean of Hosting on how to buy HostGator Hosting the right way and how to get lower prices than usual using our HostGator Hosting Coupons. Follow the video and photo steps below and use our exclusive HostGator coupons to get the best deals from HostGator!

HostGator: is by far one of the largest web hosting companies, as it hosts millions of websites on its servers. This company is the most popular among Arabs when it comes to buying paid hosting.


In addition to the shared hosting they offer, they also offer cloud hosting, VPS, full server, WordPress hosting, and other hosting services.

How to buy HostGator hosting we will explain in detail in videos and photos. Where we will explain the most important features of the HostGator shared hosting package and the difference between them and I will follow the hosting purchase process step by step and I will explain each step simply so that buying HostGator hosting for beginners is easy.

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We will also explain how to get a discount from HostGator with 70% of the price of hosting and the price of the domain. We will also explain how to correctly enter your data in the HostGator hosting purchase form and how to complete the payment process using PayPal or Visa cards.


Note: you can buy HostGator hosting at just

$0.01 for a month. But after the month, the renewal will be carried out at the price, so we advise you to buy for the longest time to benefit from a lower price.


Explanation of buying HostGator hosting

Get HostGator hosting discount

All visitors to from the hosting site get an exclusive 70% discount on a free domain, as well as the price of hosting the host, including hosting.

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The discount applies to the quality of the entire bill, not just the hosting standard, and therefore you will get a discount on all services purchased from HostGator.


To get a discount, click the next button” Get discount ” and then follow the rest of the explanation steps.


Choosing a HostGator hosting package

After clicking on the Apply Discount button, you will be automatically sent to the HostGator website.


Now choose the appropriate hosting package for you from the existing hosting packages and press the “Buy Now” button. A detailed explanation of each HostGator hosting package is in the table below the following image.

Domain reservation, hosting period, and account creation

Now that you have chosen the hosting package you want, you will be instructed to create a hosting account, choose the hosting period, and choose the domain.

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Enter your payment information and HostGator hosting account

Enter your exact data and credit card (visa) information, or pay via PayPal as in the photo below and make sure all your data is correct and in English.


The CVV or CVV2 code is three digits on the back of the Visa card, not the ATM password.

After that, the hosting process will be purchased, either by Visa or transferred to Paypal for payment to you, and after payment, you will receive a message in your e-mail with hosting data and HostGator hosting control panel data.



It was a detailed explanation with videos and pictures to reserve hosting for your site from the well-known American hosting company HostGator. If you encounter any problems when buying HostGator hosting, please let us know by using the comments below and we will help you solve them.

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