How To Be Successful In Life

Everybody wants to be successful in life no doubt, but how many of us are ready to give the sacrifice?



What majority of us don’t know is that: Some of our actions are the reason behind our failure in life.

We engage in so many activities that we careless about, but are very important in shaping our negative occurrence in any man’s life is not about village people.


If you want to be successful, you want to escape penury and not die in poverty,these are the things you must stop immediately:

1.Stop womanizing:

Fornication is a big factor for any man to prosper.

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Aside from the Spiritual danger, what about the financial drain?

The more you womanize, the more money you spend and the less you have in your bank account or save.


2. Procrastination :

procrastination is a good killer of time. You will feel you have time on your hands, but in real sense, every little time wasted not doing what you should do can never be retrieved.

You have some money in your account and there’s a business idea you are supposed to facilitate with it but you keep postponing, waiting for the right time. My brother the time is now.


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3.stop spending more than you earn and only buy what is necessary.


4.Do everything in moderation and a budget:

you can party, go clubbing and have all the fun in the never go beyond your budget!Music is life they say, but money gives it meaning!


5.Manage what you have and if you must borrow, don’t borrow more than your income.


6.Stop : you’ve got nothing to lose if you say the truth about yourself.

Don’t tell people what you are not. Be open about your predicament, so that you can get the help that you require. Because your friends have been employed, and you had to lie about your employment too.

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If I have a job offer, I won’t tell you, even if I tell you, you won’t apply because of your lies.


7. Dream but don’t dream too big that you forget little water formed the mighty ocean.

Some stuff mentioned above may not be your own area of problem, but you can discover that hindrance to success in your life by giving yourself time to think it through and put and end to it once it is discovered.


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