In the world of technology, there are many ways for hackers to steal peoples’ information, and utilizing free public wifi is one of them. Please read along as I explain in detail how to be safe while using free public wifi.

You never drink water from a public tap unless you are certain it is safe to drink, but when it comes to public WiFi, you don’t care if it is safe to use; instead, you simply connect to it… It’s terrible, dudes.

You should exercise caution when connecting to Public Wi-Fi networks. Most of us do not take precautions, which is one of the reasons why cybercrime and hacking are still prevalent.

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The most common method of attack used by hackers is known as MIMT (Man In The Middle Attack), in which they exploit a security flaw in the cafe’s or public wifi’s routers to access the data that passes between you and the wifi.

So how are we going to save our asses from falling victim because we can’t do without this public WiFi because it’s free, so you should start checking whether the public WiFi network you want to use is secured or unsecured before joining it.

Many public Wi-Fi hotspots are completely unencrypted. As a result, only connect to networks that require a login and password.

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Hackers target even the most secure-looking public WiFi networks. You can also improve your security by not signing in to sensitive websites (such as online banking) while away from home.

However, if it appears that you have no choice but to use this Public Wifi, try to use different passwords for each account you use, and always sign out when you’re done with whatever you’re doing.

Public Wi-Fi is actually beneficial!, It’s wonderful to have it around. I am proud of those countries that have it, because there is nothing like free WiFi in my country.

Even if you are lucky enough to see free wifi, its probably a mistake lol.

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But while none of us ‘expects’ to get hacked, millions get Hacked each year so why not step up your online security with this new guide to keep staying safe on public Wi-Fi.

The benefits of Wi-Fi-on-the-go only outweigh the risks until trouble strikes. With the right precautions, you can seriously reduce the chances of that happening.



Using free public wifi is not safe; avoid logging into sensitive websites when surfing the internet with free wifi.

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