How To Avoid Frequent Urination At Night


Every individual deserves to have a good and quality sleep everyday especially at bedtime. One of the greatest discomforts we can have at night is when we feel the urge to use the rest room often.


This is a condition known as nocturia and it happens to people as they grow older. A lot of times, we become so worried that we can’t sleep for 45 minutes, without rushing to the toilet to pass urine and we may be wondering why it is so.


Well, this article explains the reason why some people urinate frequently especially at night. The article will also look at possible treatment options for this condition. First and foremost, the reason why you are having frequent urination may be because of aging. This seems to be one of the biggest contributory factors of bedtime urination. TAP HERE TO CONTINUE READING

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There is an hormone which helps the human body to retain urine until they are passed. According to healthline, this hormone is known as antidiuretic hormone.

It is produced in lesser amount in the body as we grow old, making us to have the urge to urinate often especially at night.

Another reason why a person frequents the rest room to urinate is weak bladder. This can be caused when the bladder begins to wear out and holds urine for shorter period.


This is also attributed to old age, except in a case where a person is having bladder infections and other bladder related diseases.

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Furthermore, taking too much water before bedtime is another reason why we urinate frequently. The kidney is responsible for filtering fluid in the blood and passing it as waste to the bladder.

Drinking too much water especially at night, keeps the kidney active thereby, causing it to work tirelessly hence, sending more urine to the bladder. Well, other serious condition includes having any underlying diseases like Prostrate cancer, kidney failure, diabetes, urinary tract infection, bladder damage etc.

However, the treatment options according to healthline usually depends on what caused it in the first place. Listening to your body and how it works will help you to get the direct treatment option.

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For instance, if your frequent urination is caused by drinking too much water, you may need to cut down on the quantity you drink before retiring to bed.

Drinking water 2 hours before bed can help to avoid this. However, doctors can recommend diuretics to help you retain urine for a period of time.

In a case where it is caused by any of the underlying diseases mentioned, please see a doctor for proper diagnosis and proper treatment.


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