How To Avoid and Cure Mouth Odour

Mouth odour is medically called halitosis. Sometimes, it is also referred to as “bad breath“. Regardless of whatever name that is used to describe the situation, it is an unhealthy and embarrassing one that anyone can suffer from in life.

One funny thing about halitosis is, some persons are victims without them knowing, except their attention is drawn to it by their friends and family members who may have perceived the unpleasant mouth condition from them.


Mouth odour is hardly inborn – that is, it is not a condition that one is born with.


One can become a victim of bad breath through the kind of lifestyle an individual practises as well as the kind of meals that a person takes per time.

While trying to unravel the major reasons behind a bad breath(mouth odour), Mayoclinic disclosed the following among others as the things that activate halitosis amongst some persons:


1. The kind of food people eat.


Eating mainly involved the breaking down of food around the surrounding teeth.

In the process, some food particles can hang in the teeth, thereby leading to the existence of bacteria, which can invariably result in bad breath.

Once the food particles broke down travel to the stomach in the long run, they will settle down in the lungs and form bad breath in the process.


2. Smoking of tobacco products.

Smokers and those who use tobacco products orally are prone to developing the disease in their gum, which will eventually metamorphose into a bad breath related issue.


3. Maintaining little or no dental hygiene.

Lack of brushing the teeth at the right time can also result in bad breath.

The absence of proper dental hygiene can lead to the formation of plague which may later affect the gum of the teeth. In addition, an unbrushed tongue can promote bad breath.


4. Presence of infection in the mouth.

This will likely be one of the causes of mouth odour for those who may have undergone oral surgery(tooth/teeth removal) In the process, something can unexpectedly happen to bring about a wound in the mouth.

If such a wound is not quickly detected and treated, it can lead to a mouth odour.

To avoid being a victim of mouth odour, try your best to avoid as many of the aforementioned as you can.


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