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How Skills Can Be Use for Positive Things

The end of the wicked and cheat is never a good one. Any wicked person, fraudster or cheat that you have either read about or known by yourself always have a bad ending. One thing that is always or almost certain about their end is that, their end is never a good one unless they truly change their ways.

We have a country that has great and talented youths in technology, music, entertainment, arts and even governance. But because of corruption these great talents go into crimes like, the Advanced Fee Fraud popularly called, “Yahoo-yahoo” where they de-fraud people by using their information particularly through the internet.

Now “Yahoo-yahoo” has advanced beyond defrauding people through scams, it has grown into rape, armed-stealing and murdering of innocent people.

Many of these thieves, rogues and children of the devil have been given great talents by God. Imagine the kind of talents these so-called “Yahoo-yahoo boys” have! Yet these talents that could have produced great idea for the country and the world at large are being divested into internet crime and fraud. Think of the cumulative advantage the skills of the fraudsters would have been for the country assuming it is being used for positive things!

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I agree truly that Nigeria is corrupted by the leaders and politicians, but fraudsters should not hide under this guise spoiling and destroying the image of the country internationally. To do a reasonable and genuine business on the internet has become so difficult because of these “Yahoo-yahoo boys”. All meaningful and genuine means of transaction on the internet particularly pay pal gets more tedious everyday as Nigerians are not permitted to transact such businesses. Many Nigerian internet entrepreneurs can attest to this.

The end of a “Yahoo-yahoo thief” and that of an armed robber is alike! Check out any armed robber or hired assassin who do not repent, check out how their life always ends. They make so much money, live in big mansions and by flit of cars but they die like rats not eating from the fruit of their labor.

I have had the opportunity of talking to some “Yahoo boys” especially those that live in area who comes to beg for money after squandering their stolen money on drugs and women.

I tell them these: they will always be broke as long as they cheat people. Sometimes they defraud people for as much as N500,000 but by the end of the week they are broke and begging for N50 to buy smoke! Because this money they stole from people can never be used to do anything good; what they spend it on is girls, drugs, lodging here and there, moving from one hotel to the other. Sometimes they buy car when they are able to dupe people for over a million naira. They sell the car when they finish spending the money.

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Some spend the money on police case after they have run into trouble; getting drunk and hitting someone on the highway. Or use the money to pay hospital bills after they have been involved in a serious auto-crash.

Those who manage to invest into something end up in jail for refusing to pay tax or after police had detected them out after a long while. Some don’t make profit from their business because the money they used is not clean, and many of them die very young.

A Yoruba adage says, “Esan ko gbo ogun” meaning revenge has no remedy or medicine. This revenge is a natural law. It will come at all costs, except if a fraudster repents. You cannot take away the “sweat” of another man. You take away something someone else labored for and expect things to be “well” with you.

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not permit that!

But check out the talented guy or lady who refuses to neither do “yahoo-yahoo” nor prostitute her body for money: He or she quietly develops their skills and talent the same way the fraudster and prostitute develops their skills to cheat and prostitute. Though this guy or lady may fail many times but he keeps doing it until he succeeds, this are the kind of people you see who multiply their talents into wealth and into billons. They have good and sound health and are highly respected in the society by all people. They also live long because they never cheated anyone nor cut corners.

We have many people who have made great wealth and fame using their talents in Technology, Entertainment, Ministry and even in governance in today’s world. Why not emulate them today and make Nigeria and the world a better place.



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