How Sex Increase Your Health During Pregnancy

Sex may be the last thing on your mind during pregnancy. Most times, this is a function of the hormonal and physical changes in this period. However, s£x is a great way to maintain a strong emotional and physical relationship with your partner during pregnancy. In addition, it also has important benefits for you and your baby.


Benefits Of Sex During Pregnancy

If you probably thought having sex during your pregnancy was dangerous to your baby’s health, here are some reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid at all.



1. It helps relieve stress and pain

Climax during sex floods your body with oxytocin, a hormone that produces endorphins, which leave you feeling calm and happy. When you find yourself stressed out while pregnant, consider that sex releases endorphin which can make you feel relaxed and even alleviate pain.

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2. It strengthens your pelvic floor muscles

In the third trimester, s£x strengthens your pelvic floor muscles. Regular s£x at this time helps to keep these muscles toned and strong in preparation for a great deal of work they’ll do during vaginal delivery.


3. It strengthens your bond with your partner

Having frequent sex now will help strengthen the intimate relationship and bond you have with your partner and establish a healthy habit for the future.

It is important to connect with your partner now while you have time because you’re going to need that connection once the baby is born.

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4. It aids blood circulation

Blood supply doubles during pregnancy to meet the requirements of the mother and the growing baby, but slow circulation can hinder the process. Increased circulation is one of the many benefits of s£x during the pregnancy period. With the release of hormones, s£x aids in the additional supply of oxygen and nutrition to the fetus that in turn helps in growth and development.


5. It enhances your self-Confidence

Changes in your body and fluctuating hormones can lead to feeling differently about your body. Many women begin to feel unattractive during pregnancy. Frequent s£xual intercourse with your partner can help boost your self-esteem and make you feel like yourself again.


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