How Games Can Help To Learn HTML, CSS, And JavaScript


Logic and trial-and-error techniques are frequently used to solve challenging puzzles while playing video games. Can you think of another situation where these abilities would be useful? programming, that’s right!


In this article, there are browser games for web developers and coders that you may use to practice your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills or to test your webmaster abilities. While some of the games are simple and others are really challenging, they are all enjoyable!



Code Combat

Although Code Combat is made for children in school, the game can still be enjoyed by adults of all ages. In it you programatically control the actions of a brave hero going through hundreds of dungeons, fighting enemies and collecting gems. Beating the whole game takes about 20+ hours and covers most programming concepts.



Hex Invaders

In this version of the classic arcade game the world is attacked by a trio of aliens, each sporting a different color. To save humanity, the player must quickly translate a RGB hex value into human colors and shoot down the invaders.


Flexbox Froggy

Puzzle game where you have to help a group of colorful frogs get to their lillypads of choice. Moving the amphibians around is done with flexbox and will truly test you layout building skills. The in-game hints will tell you which CSS properties to use in each situation, but it’s up to the player to decide what combination of values to set.



Pixactly has a very simple, yet challenging concept. The game gives you two random pixel values, one for the width and one for the height of a rectangle. The player then has to draw a box that is as close as possible to the given dimensions.


 Dungeons & Developers

A talent tree with CSS, HTML and JavaScript magic instead of fire and ice. Add points in the skill you already know and see how close you are to becoming a true Web Development Master. Submit talent tree as CV for job applications at your own risk.


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