How Canadian Government Make Big Changes on Student Visa


Due to the pandemic outbreak, travel restrictions were placed for all immigrants and students who within or outside Canada. Although the restrictions are gradually being lifted, precautionary measures have been set in place to ensure that travelers are checked to prevent further spread. All those who are entering Canada must be isolated for at least two weeks to ensure they are not infected with the corona-virus.




In light of the changes made to help curb the spread of the pandemic, the Canadian government announced that international students will now be able to register and enroll in an online course even from their home country and still be eligible to apply for a post-graduate work permit if they eventually move to Canada.


This is a big step forward for international students who have intentions to remain in Canada and work after graduation. Before the pandemic, students who enrolled in an online course were not eligible to apply for the 3 years Post-Graduate Work Permit. With this new update, students who enrolled in an online course at an eligible Designated Learning Institute in Canada will be eligible to work in Canada if they complete their course in Canada.



Student Post-Graduate Work Permit Requirement Update

International students who enroll in an online course program at Designated Learning Institute in fall 2023 and then finish up at most 50% of the program from their home country or anywhere abroad, will still be eligible to apply for a post-grad work permit when they graduate.

Students must be enrolled in a course program that has a minimum duration of at least one year and above.

Only students who enroll in a Designated Learning Institute are recognized for the PGWP.

Students must first obtain a study permit first before they are considered for this program.


Why is the Post Graduate Work Permit So Important?

One of the ways the Canadian government is attracting and retaining international students in Canada is through the post-graduate work permit. This program does not only favor the Canadian government and its economy, but also international students who would want to become permanent residents in Canada.

To obtain a Canadian permanent resident status, you need to have some years of working experience which is where the PGWP program becomes so important. The Post Graduate Work Permit allows international students to stay and work in Canada after graduation. This would help them gain Canadian working experience which would be counted when they apply for a PR. On the other hand, it would also help the Canadian economy and labor market improve and grow.

International students are presented with a great opportunity to work in Canada for at least 3 years when they complete just half of their course program in Canada and the other half from abroad or anywhere in the world.


So, while students are still enrolled in their online programs, they will still be notified when they are eligible to travel to Canada to complete their studies.


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