How A Man Pretended To Be Deaf And Dumb For 62 Years


Many people were shocked when it was discovered that a man had pretended to be deaf and dumb for the past 62 years in order to avoid having a conversation with his wife.

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The man identified as Barry Dawson aged 82 from Waterbury in Connecticut has been married to his wife Dorothy who is 80years for the past 62 years and has never said a word in front of her for all those years.

According to the source, it was until recently that his wife through a Youtube video got to know that her husband had faked being deaf and dumb forcing her to file for a divorce.

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The wife per the source revealed that she saw a Youtube video and decided to watch it only to see her husband happily dancing and singing to the song at karaoke in a bar.

When he was at home, that j*** always faked being deaf. It wasn’t until I saw a Youtube video of him singing during a karaoke night in a bar while he was supposed to be at a meeting for a charity, that I understood everything,” she said.

During the divorce hearing, Dorothy explained that due to that she had to learn how to communicate in sign language with Barry.

Barry Dawson through his lawyer stated that he decided to act being deaf and dumb because his wife was ‘annoyingly talkative’ and this could have ruined their relationship hence his decision to act like that.

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He continued that the marriage wouldn’t even have lasted 2 years if he had spoken from the beginning.

His lawyer maintained that his client valued the relationship that was the reason why he was able to stay with her for the past 62 years and not on the basis of cheating.

Interestingly, Dawson’s family members also thought he was deaf and dumb. The couple still raised six children and has thirteen grandchildren, all of whom were also convinced that Dawson was deaf.

Dawson’s wife has decided to take him to court and demanded financial compensation for the ‘emotional stress and burden’ caused by his deception.


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