Healthy Phone Practices

As a student, your mobile phone is like your one and only companion. You cannot deny the fact that you nearly can’t make any move at all without consulting your mobile phone. Therefore, everyone needs to maintain healthy phone practices to keep you and your phone safe. 

Healthy Phone Practices


It is no new idea that consistent use of mobile phones could have huge implications on our health. To avoid a terrible situation arising from your use of phones, take note of the following:

Using the Light Control 

All Android phones now have a night shift feature that allows dimness during the night. However, many people ignore the functionality of this feature. 

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During the night, ensure you turn on the night shift feature and decrease the brightness of your phone. This action will reduce the level of radiation getting into the eyes. 

Avoid Streaming Contents 

It’s absolutely not realistic to watch a movie or a live video with the phone being dim. Hence, reduce the way you stream contents or watch videos on your phone. 

It is safer for you to make more use of your television as the space between matters a lot. However, if you need to use your phone, don’t turn out the lights to dilute its intensity. 

Get a Bag

Avoid placing your phone in your clothes’ pockets. Get a cross bag or purse for ladies to contain your phone always. 

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Maintain the Distance

Stop the very common attitude of pressing your phone to your ear during phone calls. When you want to go to bed, keep your phone away from your sleeping area. These healthy phone practices subsidize the level of radiation it gives to your body. 

Break the Addiction 

The biggest challenge youths have with their phone is being unable to take a break. Too frequent usage puts your health at stake. Take a break from your phone and try doing something else every now and then. 


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